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E-mail archiving helps you stay legally compliant

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email-archivingNowadays e-mail must be legally treated the same as postal communication. Lack of email archiving can result in legal trouble, severe fines and loss of court cases, not to mention a damaged reputation. There is no universal rule or standard when it comes to archiving email. There are multiple factors to be taken into account, among which the most important ones are industry and geographically related.

Specific industries such as financial services, healthcare, and governmental organizations are often enough more regulated than others and these organizations need to comply with specific industry rules regarding document protection, archiving and retrieval of data.

Many companies wrongly assume that if their business is not part of a clearly regulated industry, then email archiving is not a compulsory procedure. What is overlooked is the fact that nearly all organizations must comply with general regulations, be it employment laws, financial laws, labor standards which impose proper electronic data storage and protection for a determined time frame. As an example, in the US the changes of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) in 2009 have had a widespread impact on email storage and retention policies. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure apply to any organization that has the potential to be involved in a litigation. Similar regulation exist for most other nations also.

These changes are forcing many firms, from virtually all industries, to implement corporate email archiving systems in order to quickly and adequately respond to e-Discovery notices. The implementation of an email archiving system is the only cost effective and compliant solution. Data is never lost and companies benefit of simple search and retrieval tools to meet the legal and compliance challenges facing all industries today.

The law has caught up with the high-tech era. Companies of any size and in any field of activity are required by the law to treat the storage and retrieval of email same as any other records of business. Organizations have no choice but to comply and a professional email archiving system is the solution.

Using the SpamExperts filtering service for incoming and/or outgoing mail, it’s super easy to also add email archiving solution. SpamExperts archiving solution is taking a copy of every inbound and/or outbound message passing the systems, encrypt them, compress them, and store them safely and redundantly in the cloud or on your preferred storage device. A fast indexed search on top allows you to quickly retrieve any group of messages for re-delivery. By archiving your mail on SMTP/MX-level you assure an optimal degree of legal compliance besides always having a safe back-up of your mail.

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