Domain bundles: add extras to a domain registration

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Resellers, like any other business, want the best for their customers. A happy customer is a returning customer and that means, eventually, more business, which leads to more income.

With this in mind, it is wise to look to the competition and see where you, as a reseller, can stand out. By offering a domain bundle, or other products and services to bundle the domain with, you can provide that little extra that your customers need in order for their businesses to thrive.

Save money with bulk domain registrations

When starting a new business, your customers might want to go international. Or maybe they are afraid someone will copy them and use a domain name similar to theirs. Whatever the motivation is, it’s common practice to buy several extensions for the same domain name.

Buying those domain names in bulk can save them a fair amount of money. It’s advisable to obtain all the desired extensions at once. Admittedly, it can be tricky to predict if a certain extension will be needed in the future, but with the amount of money you’ll be saving through bulk domain bundles, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

What if you’re not sure about what domain names to register? Our excellent automation platform WHMCS comes with the NameStudio API. This tool has a domain name generator that offers the best suggestions for possible domain names to register for your customers’ businesses.

Some customers might be hesitating on whether to start a website. They may think it is too difficult to set up and too time consuming to maintain. Some may even have a very busy Facebook page which they use as their main online information-gathering source.

Get the WHMCS module and you’ll be able to offer the domain bundle for free. In order for the module to work, you will need an Openprovider account. It only takes a few minutes to register an account and gain access to our control panel. Once that’s done, you’ll receive your account data and will be able to successfully install the WHMCS module.

Bundle domains with other products

There are other ways to offer domain bundles to your customers. If they are happy with just one domain, then there’s always room to improve by adding additional software and services. If customers come to you to buy a cheap domain and get affordable web security while they’re at it, then you can be sure to have made a customer happy.

So, besides only looking at how to buy domain names for less, try focusing on other products that improve the quality of the domains that you sell. Offer security tools such as Spam Experts, for example, as an added bonus.

Spam Experts provides three-way protection:

  1. An incoming mail filter. This filter keeps the inbox clean and makes sure no spam, viruses, phishing attempts, or malware get through. If the inbox stays clean and safe, valuable resources can be used to improve business instead of spending it on cleanup. Here’s a short video on how the incoming mail filter works.
  2. An outgoing mail filter that makes sure that no spam, viruses, or malware get sent out. This filter saves you a lot of trouble as it could damage your customers’ businesses’ reputation if it were to send out spam or other fishy mails.
  3. Last but not least, an archiving function. Spam Experts lets your customer archive mailboxes that might be necessary for compliance or legal reasons. This tool automates it, thus saving resources and time.

Ensure safety with SSL certificates

Bundling a domain with an SSL certificate will be giving the domain and its associated business a bigger chance of success. The safety created by adding an SSL certificate does not only improve customer trust, but also gets rewarded by search engines. A higher ranking means more traffic, which in turn will lead to more profit.

Therefore, adding a simple product like an SSL certificate to a new domain registration is not only a service that will give you, as a reseller, more income, but it will also lead to more satisfied customers. On top of that, you’ll also be making the internet a safer place. Not bad, right?

Offering to register more than just one domain is a service your customers will appreciate as, at some point, they will probably need more than just one domain. Most of your customers are not aware of this though, so make sure to clearly explain why it would benefit them. Once that’s done, you can provide your customers with a domain bundle that will help them have the competitive edge.

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