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An introduction to Openprovider’s remote work culture

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During the last three years, more and more companies have chosen to go fully remote — and Openprovider is one of them. As of 2020, we have closed our offices and have converted to working fully from home. Our remote team is a truly multicultural one with people living across over 15 different countries, from Canada to New Zealand.

Flexibility and a result-oriented attitude are at the core of our remote work culture. We do not use time trackers. What matters most to us is the quality of your work, and we trust you to organize your schedule in a way that works best for you. Do you need to combine your job with childcare, or do you like to work from a cafe or coworking space from time to time? No problem for us! 

On top of that, we strongly value social connections in our online workplace, as we don’t believe that a remote job should necessarily be a solitary and lonely one. We facilitate regular opportunities for our people to get to know colleagues from different teams and chat about anything but work.

Are you interested to know what daily life is like working for our fully remote company? This article tells you all about it.

Recurring meetings

Openprovider uses EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) to run the company. Meetings are an important tool to keep a finger on the pulse of what is happening at work and tackle issues as a group. However, we are probably all too familiar with how easily our calendars can end up stacked full of meetings, leaving little time to actually get our work done. At Openprovider, we therefore actively try to minimize the number of meetings we have. This is how we maximize our productivity and allow greater flexibility in our schedules.

Each of our teams works with a set of recurring daily and weekly meetings, as well as a large weekly meeting with the full company (called the “Friday Download”). Our dailies are meant for short discussions of current tasks and urgent issues. In our weeklies, we use a more in-depth approach to tackle larger issues and brainstorm new ideas. We use Jira and Bloom Growth’s software to structure our meetings.

With these important meetings covered, our colleagues have plenty of opportunities to organize their own schedules in a way that works best for them. Many of our colleagues combine their work with childcare or choose to work from a coworking space from time to time. Some of our colleagues have even gone on a “workation”!

Social connections

Social connection is an important part of enjoyment and fun in the workplace, and that’s no different when a workplace is fully remote. We focus on fostering connections between our people across teams, both one-on-one and in groups. Our team spirit, fun online events, and the opportunity to meet people with different cultural backgrounds are actually some of the main reasons why people like working at Openprovider!

Every week, the Donut app brings groups of 3-4 colleagues together for a quick 15-minute chat. This is a great way to get to know people outside of your team and learn about what they do in life outside of work. On top of that, every Friday, you can expect to find “Friday Team Time” on your calendar. This meeting is open to all people at our company, and we usually spend this time playing quizzes and games together. 

Every quarter, our HR team also hosts a “Pizza & Quiz” event, which is always a great time! We all gather in a large meeting to order pizza (Openprovider pays!) and play a fun quiz together, which usually leads to learning interesting new facts about your colleagues and their countries and cultures.

Besides our online events, some of our colleagues also regularly meet up offline. We have larger groups of people working in the Netherlands, Spain, India, and Sri Lanka, who regularly meet up for dinner, drinks, or fun activities. As you can see, working remotely certainly doesn’t have to be a lonely experience!

Our software and tools

As a remote company with a fully digital product, we use various tools to streamline and organize our work. These are our main ones:

Google Workspace: we all have a Google email account, but we actually don’t email much! We prefer to use Slack as our main form of communication. Nevertheless, we often use Google Workspace for working in Docs, Slides, and Sheets.

Slack: our main communication channel – from important announcements at #office to the best memes in #fun!

Atlassian stack: all of our teams use Jira to plan and organize their work, and many of our teams work with sprints. We also use Confluence for sharing information and making important policies and protocols accessible to everyone.

Bloom Growth: we use this tool to structure our recurring weekly meetings, as well as for the quarterly conversations between employees and managers.

Join our team

Would you like to join our multicultural and fully remote team? Visit our “About us” page to learn more about our company and values. Do you want to apply immediately? Go to our careers page to learn more about our application process and see open positions.

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