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Meet Team Openprovider: Marcin

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meet team openprovider: Marcin

Have you ever been curious to meet the people behind the domains? In this series of blog posts, we are introducing you to various members of our global, fully remote team.

This week, we are introducing you to Marcin (39), our Marketing Operations Manager!

Tell us something about yourself!

My name is Marcin, I am from Poland, and at Openprovider I am responsible for our marketing activities. I love everything related to new technologies, sciences, AI, and stars. My hobbies are publishing funny content on YouTube, playing with my cool cat, and enjoying life in general.

What does an average day in your role look like?

I start my day by greeting the team I work with. We establish our top priorities for the day, and exchange information. My role mostly revolves around working on communicating various opportunities for our customers. The discounts and promotions we prepare are very useful for our domain resellers, who then use them to sell the products to their own customers. So, the better our communication is, the more successful our customers are. It’s very important work, and satisfying at the same time.

Which achievement (of yourself, your team, or the company) are you most proud of?

I am very happy with how our live domain quiz on Facebook went. We had a lot of fun and learned a few new things about domain names. We were able to educate our customers while keeping them entertained, which I find very important, as marketing communication should be entertaining and enjoyable. 

What are your favorite things about working remotely? And is there something you like less about it?

I love that I share my office space with my cat Kitka. She lifts up my mood, helps me with the most important tasks, and occasionally shares her input by jumping on the keyboard and writing “wwwwwwwwwpppppppprttt” to my friends at work. They kind of understand it and reply “Hi Kitka”. I specifically liked meetings with one coworker who had 3 cats, and in each video meeting, those cats were just all over him, walking on his shoulders and trying to jump on top of his head.

What I like less about remote work is that we can’t easily go out together after work to spend some time in person. But we have countermeasures that help with this issue, such as our weekly Friday team time and the pizza events that happen on a regular basis.

What do you like the most about working at Openprovider?

What I like most is that we are a smaller company, so for us, every single customer is BIG and important, and we care about everyone. We run a more humane company that pays attention to people’s feelings and well-being. Every day, we are quite close to customers, talking with them, getting feedback, and improving our products based on their needs. Openprovider also allows me to perform actions faster than in a big corporation. They provide more freedom to try new things and learn from your own mistakes. I appreciate all that and I know that it would be very hard to find this elsewhere.

Are you interested in joining our fun, multicultural, and fully remote team? Check out our current job openings here.

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