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Improvements to our Knowledge Base

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Regular users will already have noticed that we have changed the look of our Knowledge Base. If you haven’t yet, go check it out!

The most obvious changes are the ones we made to the styling. We have updated fonts, line spacing, and colours to improve readability.

knowledge baseFurthermore, we have adapted the search bar so that you can find the topics that you are looking for quicker. We have also added an automatic translation, using Google Translate, to serve our growing number of international customers. As the articles themselves are still written in English, you should enter your search queries in English as well. But once you find the right article, it’s available in your own language through the translation tool.

Apart from the visual upgrade, we are working on improving the content itself. We write our content from our own experience, from the input of the registries and our product managers (as procedures change every now and then). But most of all, we care about your input as our valued customer! If you find any that there is any important information missing in our Knowledge Base, please let us know and we will add it. We want to give you the best service possible!

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