Changes towards .de and .uk local presence

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Two registries that require a local presence for registration of a domain (also called a trustee contact or domicile) have announced changes to that policy as a result of the GDPR: DENIC (.de) and Nominet (.uk).

  • On the 25th of May, DENIC will update its .de domain registration policy. Currently, if the domain holder is not domiciled in Germany, an administrative contact domiciled in Germany must be appointed who “is the domain holder’s authorized representative for receiving the service of official or court documents.” This requirement will be relaxed: a German domicile is no longer required, until a legal case is issued to DENIC about a domain with a holder who is not domiciled in Germany. At that moment, the domain holder must name a person in Germany as responsible for receiving the service of official or court documents.As a result, the local presence service of Openprovider still serves a goal and we will keep offering it. We will not mass-update all our .de domains. Of course, you are free to update your domain after the 25th of May according to the new policy.
  • From the 22nd of May, Nominet does not require a local address for .uk domains anymore. As a result, we will update all existing .uk domains that use our local presence service and replace the domain data by the legitimate contact data. Note that after this policy change, postal boxes are allowed again for .uk domain contacts.

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