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Changes to renewal logic

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renewal-logicWe are continuously optimizing systems to be able to handle the increasing domain volumes. One of the bottlenecks coming up is the daily renewal process: the higher the number of domains under management, the higher the number of domains that require renewal (or expiration) daily. Our initial implementation of running these checks once a day late in the evening is no longer sustainable.

For that reason, we have completely rebuilt this part of Openprovider. Most of it won’t be visible to you: we have separated the logic of reporting from the logic of real domain actions, we have implemented synchronous processing instead of the asynchronous processing it used to be and we have refactored the code behind it in order to be able to implement new features in the future.

The only aspect visible to you, is the time of actual renewal or expiration. While we will still never renew or expire a domain or other product before its renewal date in Openprovider, we will neither wait until the end of the day anymore. As a result, you may see domains being renewed or expired throughout the day at a random interval.

Take care of these changes when managing your balance or in case you handle your renewals and expirations manually.

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