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Changes to gTLD owner changes

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openprovider-icann-changesAfter publication of this item, a few things have changed. Please refer to our more recent news item for updated information.


As we already informed you earlier, ICANN will introduce a new transfer policy effective from the 1st of December 2016. The major change in this policy is the requirement of explicit approval before the owner of a domain name can be changed. This change will have impact on all our customers, so please be sure to become acquainted with the new policy.

You will face the following changes when transferring or trading a domain that ends with a generic extension like .com, .net, .club or .amsterdam (the so-called gTLDs):

  • Trades
    • Explicit approval. Before changing the owner’s data of a domain name (company name, name and/or e-mail address), both the old and the new registrant will have to approve the change. We will request for these approvals by e-mail.
    • Personalization. You will be able to personalize those e-mails with our white-labeling tools.
  • Transfers
    • Combined trade/transfer. If a transfer is combined with a trade, the old and new registrant will have to approve the change.
    • FOA expiration. If during a transfer request (between sending the e-mail for approval (Form of Authorization or FOA) and the approval itself) the registrant changes (company name, name and/or e-mail address), the FOA will be invalidated and we will have to send a new FOA.
      Action required: personalization. This means that resellers that use our personalization tools will have to review their implementation to ensure they cover all cases.

We will continue thinking about improvements that will reduce the impact of this requirement. If you have any ideas or experiences from other providers, do not hesitate to let us know!

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