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Changes at DK Hostmaster: new prices and terms

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During the last months of 2017, the .dk domain registry DK Hostmaster will roll out a few of changes that you need to be aware of.

  • The identity of new Danish registrants is now checked with NemID
  • From the 19th of December on, new terms will apply.
  • From the 1st of January, the price will increase.

Domain registrant identification

Since a few weeks, .dk domain name holders residing in Denmark are required to prove their identity. They have to do this by means of the digital identification platform NemID. This mandatory, one-time ID control is initiated the next time a registrant logs in to the registry self service panel, for example for activating their domain name. Once the registrant completes the verification process, they can log in with their existing user ID next time.

The NemID identification platform has been in use as a login identification in Denmark for many years. Therefore, Danes will be very familiar with this procedure. A lot of registrants are already using NemID to log in to DK Hostmasters self-service.

New terms and conditions

On the 19th of December, new terms and conditions for .dk domain holders will become effective. The biggest changes are improvements with respect to transparency. DK Hostmaster has streamlined and reorganized the terms. They have also rewritten the terms in a more understandable language.

The major substantive changes to the terms are:

  • It will not be possible to apply for a blocked domain name.
  • A new method for identity control for foreigners (and anyone else who does not have NemID) will be in effect. In this case, the applicant / registrant must submit documentation for their identity on request.
  • An assigned proxy can dispense on behalf of the registrant without the registrant having to approve the agent’s actions. However, a proxy may not delete or transfer a domain name, or correct the registrar’s address and e-mail address.

The new terms and conditions are available at the registry’s website.

.dk domain price increase

On the 1st of January 2018, the price of a .dk domain will increase with DKK 4.00. This change will apply to Members and non-Members. The new Member price will be DKK 40.72. If you are active in the Scandinavian region, please be aware of the previously communicated price increase for .se and .nu as well.

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