6 Reasons why Openprovider is THE Registrar for Domain Resellers

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A simple Google search will show you that there are thousands of companies that can register a domain for you. It is often simple, fast, and cheap, which is great for anyone that only registers a domain once or twice in their life. However, when you are a domain reseller managing large numbers of domains, those benefits often don’t apply anymore.

The sheer amount of companies out there, competing for a spot in the domain industry, can be overwhelming! If you’re not sure what qualities the ideal registrar should have, check out our ‘Domain Partner Selection Checklist’ and see how many boxes you can tick!

At Openprovider, no matter if you are a small or a big business, we have tailored products and services to help you grow from the very beginning. With 16 years of experience catering for the needs of our resellers, here are 6 reasons why we’re the right partner for you!

1. Domains at cost price

Because we have our resellers’ best interests at heart, we have the lowest prices on the market! In fact, our members pay what we pay for the most popular domain extensions! Is that by itself not a good enough reason to sign up today?

2. Automated Domain Transfers

Put all your domains under the Openprovider umbrella in only a few simple steps:

  • Log into Openprovider. Don’t have an account yet? What are you waiting for? Sign up here! 
  • Enter the domains you want to transfer.
  • Get the authorization codes and select your ideal transfer dates.
  • Sit back and relax, we’ll take care of the rest!

Strategically build your domain portfolio by registering domains and driving traffic to your website. You can also register domains for multiple niches such as social or production verticals. Virtual reality and geodomains are incredibly popular searches, and basically refer to a geographical area search, such as losangeles.com, newyork.com or any region with a dot-com at the end of it.

3. Personalized Support

With 16 years of experience, our dedicated support team specialists know what they are talking about. As a member, you can take full advantage of their knowledge, solve any problems you may encounter and keep doing what you do best: selling your products and services! Communicating with the team is as easy as registering domains at Openprovider, since we can help you in English, Dutch, Spanish, Catalan, Arabic and Russian.

4. Exclusive Deals & Promotions

Offering domains at cost price is great but… our members deserve more! That’s why we bring them the best deals with our monthly promotions. Why not take a look at our current promotions and get started? Sign up now to become a member and get the best prices on the market!

5. Free and easy DNS management

Without proper and reliable DNS management, domain names are basically useless. All our resellers get free and reliable DNS with every one of our domains, as well as access to great tools. For your customers, we offer our white-label control panel. That way they can manage their own DNS records, letting you focus on other important areas of your business.

6. The ultimate user-friendly control panel

Besides low prices and incredible support, we can safely say we also offer the best platform to manage all of your day-to-day business. Manage your domains, SSL certificates, DNS, and much, much more, all from one location. We have all the tools you need to succeed as a reseller, and we walk with you every step of the way.

Sign up and experience it for yourself!

These are just 6 reasons why you should sign up with Openprovider if you are a reseller in the domain industry. To experience them for yourself, and find out all the other benefits our resellers get, register now and become one of our valued members!

Check out our great membership plans at https://openprovider.com/membership-plans/. Choose the one that fits your needs and click on ‘Get Started’ in the top right corner to sign up and start living the resellers dream!

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