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Cheap domain registration at cost price with Openprovider

Openprovider is an excellent place for cheap domain name registration at cost price. Every month we have about 70 offers that will save you a lot of money. This is extra interesting for resellers as it helps them placing them on the market and offering their products to their customers at a low price.

Buy domains online for the best price available

It doesn’t matter if you’re a reseller, a marketing company or just looking to make your dream to start your own business finally come true; you want to register your domain name cheaply, and that makes sense. Why should you pay more per year for your own registrations? With Openprovider you are in the right place.

You can easily buy cheap domains on our website. Through our domain name check you can see if the desired page is still available. Once you’ve found your domain name there you then register it and you get started with your website right away.

The service we provide does not only stop with the registration. We offer additional products such as SSL certificates, Virtuozzo and Plesk. Are you only looking for a domain name for your website, then you’re ready in no time.

To buy domains online in bulk, we have some attractive membership plans. These memberships are very interesting if, for example, you need hundreds of domains. A reseller of domain names can never have enough registrations.

As a reseller, you obviously want to offer your clients to buy cheap domains for the best price possible. Lower prices attract more clients, or you might choose to charge a higher profit margin in order to grow your revenue. To register a domain name cheaply, a membership is an excellent option.

The cheapest membership plan is €49,- per year. The real big plans are for the resellers who buy cheap domain names in the thousands. You buy domains online at cost price, get unlimited SSL certificates and also receive a discount on Plesk. This way you save a lot of money with which you can price yourself more attractive on the market.

You don’t have to be a reseller to benefit

Openprovider is not only interesting for resellers. The fact that we sell domain names cheap, at cost price, makes it interesting for resellers of course, but it doesn’t stop there. From a business perspective, cheap domain name registration is an often overlooked option.
For example, if you have a marketing company, offering cheap domain registration is a good extra service. Your customers probably want their own website, for that you can register a domain name or maybe you want to move their domain name. Choose a strong domain name together with your customer and get started setting up the best possible website.
If you do this for all your customers, you will soon register a large number of domains per year. Then it is more affordable to choose a membership to save money. With the smallest basic plan you can manage up to 100 cheap domain registrations through Openprovider. On average, companies save around €350,- just for taking out a Basic plan.

That buying domain online can be cheap is shown by Openprovider. We offer the registrations at cost price, that’s our cost price. We don’t earn anything from the registration. Our business model is not focused on making a profit on the registration of domains, which might be unexpected from a registrar.

We focus on the long term, hence our membership model. This also ensures that you can count on us in the future. Our focus is on providing the best service possible with the latest software available. The registrations therefore remain at cost price.

That’s why you can choose for cheap domain name registration with us, which helps you to grow your business.

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