Why having all your domains under one roof is the way to go

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Are you tired of keeping track of different registrars to make sure all their services are functioning correctly? How about issuing multiple invoice orders and ownership changes when a single customer decides to buy specific domains that are not under the same registrar?

Consolidating your domain portfolio under a single domain provisioning company ensures that you can dedicate your precious time to growing your business instead of worrying about invoices, customer support or other menial tasks.

Now let’s take a look at the main benefits of putting your whole domain portfolio under one umbrella!

1. Your loyalty won’t go unnoticed.

Just like you value the loyalty of your customers, domain provisioning companies should also be grateful for the loyalty shown by sticking with them for your domain industry needs and placing yourself and your whole portfolio in their hands.

Ideally, a customer loyalty programme or special membership plans should exist so that as you grow and reach certain milestones, you get rewards and benefits to help you increase your profit and maximize your earning potential.

Openprovider, for example, has a unique membership-centric business model! Resellers choose the membership plan that best suits their needs and, in return, get cost prices on top domains, exclusive discounts and offers on related products, customizable marketing kits, etc.

Just make sure that the registrar you choose to unify your portfolio with has your best interests in mind and a long-term expansion plan for your business!

2. Stay safe and in good hands.

His name is Karel and he’s the domain expert that has efficiently and speedily solved every single issue you’ve had since you entered the domain industry as a reseller.

You’d just love it if Karel could help you out with everything, but he can’t! 

Why not?

Because your domain portfolio is currently strewn out over 3 different domain registrars… Each registrar having their own support team and their own experts means that they may or may not be as efficient and attentive as Karel is.

Why risk it when you can make your life easier? Unify your domain portfolio with a single registrar and let ‘your’ Karel take care of you and solve every single problem that you encounter!

3. A single invoice to rule them all.

Having to deal with more than one invoice because your domain portfolio is spread out across multiple domain provisioning companies is yet another disadvantage of not having everything under the same roof.

Instead of spending your time filing paperwork or organizing your company’s billing information, why not consolidate your portfolio with a single registrar and focus your efforts on growing your business?

4. Manage everything from one, unified platform.

Although there is no clear guarantee of the registrar you choose having a centralized platform, with an intuitive interface that allows you to easily manage your whole domain portfolio, it doesn’t mean that you should settle for anything less than that!

Plus, having multiple registrars handle your domains can be a bit overwhelming, as each one has its own platform (with its own learning curve) and you’ll have to perfectly remember how everything works and keep opening different pages and accounts just to keep track of everything.

If you’re starting to see the logic behind unifying all your domains under a single registrar, make sure that you feel comfortable and have no problems finding your way around their platform or you’ll be opening support tickets for every action you want to take.

5. Purchasing and renewing domains has never been easier!

Instead of worrying about the tedious process of renewing hundreds or even thousands of domains each year, if you have your whole portfolio with the same domain provisioning company you can do so in the blink of an eye!

Your time is priceless and would be much better used working on expanding your business, surveying new potential markets, planning out new marketing actions to promote your domains and associated products, etc.

One for all and all for one. The musketeers sure knew what they were talking about!

6. Jack of all trades (or registrars), master of none.

There’s a reason why professional basketball players are not also professional football, volleyball and golf players at the same time.

It takes time, effort and dedication to become the best at something, be it a sport or be it a business.

Every registrar has a different way of doing things, from a unique platform with different settings and options to more or less efficient customer service and a different offering of products and services.

The most efficient solution? Choose a registrar you feel comfortable with and stick with it!

7. Feel like you’re at home.

As Aristotle said ‘Man is by nature a social animal’, and that’s why it should come as no surprise that we all like to be treated nicely and create lasting bonds with others.

Sticking with a single registrar is like going to your favourite restaurant at the weekend: all the waiters are genuinely happy to see you when you walk in, they immediately get your table ready and on top of everything, they throw in the line ‘What do you fancy today? The usual?’.

Finding your domain portfolio a single home can also mean finding yourself a family to grow with! You will create long lasting relationships with the employees working at the registrar, from the support team to the Account Manager in charge of your day to day operations, making every transaction a true pleasure to carry out!

And to wrap it all up!

Now you know just how many advantages come with consolidating your domain portfolio under one roof, are you ready to make the move? Have you already got a registrar in mind or are you still searching for the right one?

At Openprovider we feel that we could be a great match for you and we’d like to ask for a vote of confidence and request that you give us a chance to prove ourselves. We don’t want to talk the talk, we want to walk the walk! 

Ready to join the Openprovider family and find out first hand what being a real banana feels like?

Here’s how to begin your journey:

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  2. Choose a MEMBERSHIP PLAN that adapts to your needs and to the current or projected size of your domain portfolio.
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