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Remember that sound dial-up internet used to make in the nineties? That hissing, cracking, bumpy sound when two modems shook hands before connecting? Back then, you paid for the amount of time you spent on the internet, the amount of bytes you consumed. That was long ago. We’ve become accustomed to having internet all the time. No switching it on or off. The same thinking was behind the development of Openprovider’s Membership Plans. Why in the world would you turn your business on and off? Buying domains, SSL certificates, licenses and so forth…and worrying about every single consumption and its cost? Paying, so to speak, for every individual byte?

With Openprovider, you choose one of 4 Membership Plans, sign up and your business is “on” all the time. Each Membership Plan comes with a fixed amount of domains (gTLDs and ccTLDs), SSL certificates, spamfilters and licenses. If you want to start small with up to 100 domains: choose Basic Plan. It starts at only € 49/year. If you have more than 5000 domains, Professional Plan fits you best. Expert Plan includes up to 50,000 domains. On top of that, the Supreme Plan “L” includes all products at cost. Absolutely. All costs for the Plans depend on your domain’s portfolio size.
Did you find your size already?

Good to know: whatever Plan you choose, the domains always become yours at cost. We don’t add any fees, not for registration, not for renewals or transfers. Openprovider’s Membership Plans are care-free: one yearly fee, a fixed price (no unpredictable price increase from a provider, your purchase is always at cost price!) and all of it can be conveniently handled with the multifunction control panel.

The Membership plans are THE way to do business today. One digital handshake and you’re good to go. Paying fees for each domain? That is SO nineties.
Let’s shake hands and move forward!

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