.storage acquired by XYZ.com, new launch

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Portfolio registry XYZ.com, well-known from their .xyz extension but also registry of several high-end domains like .theatre, .car and .security, has announced that they’ve acquired the extension .storage and re-launch it from November on.

By the end of last year, .storage was put into the market as an extension aimed at companies involved in physical storage. That decision greatly reduced the target audience: for example, the ever-growing market of cloud and other online storage could not register a .storage domain.

XYZ.com totally revamped .storage: it will be a completely open extension, just like .xyz or .com, and can be registered by everyone. As the word “storage” itself is quite specific, it will be used primarily by their target audience, without the need for explicit restrictions.

The re-launch of .storage will start with a Sunrise phase for trademark holders from the 7th until the 28th of November, then an Early Access Phase between the 28th of November and the 5th of December and finally the General Availability from the 5th of December. You can find the full planning and price structure on our website.

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