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Your questions answered: business email

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your questions answered: ins and outs of business email

Do you want to keep your customers happy and your profits healthy? Interested in a secure, anti-spam-compliant business email service packed with all enterprise-grade features your customers could ask for, at one of the most competitive prices on the market? Meet Openprovider’s business email solution, exclusively available to our Members.

If you are techy, you may be interested in our email solution’s more nitty-gritty technical details. We get that! That’s why, in March 2024, we hosted a webinar in which we went deeper into the technical aspects of our email service:

  • setting up a new email account
  • security options
  • migration
  • webmail interface

Here’s a recap of the most important moments from this webinar in short video snippets. 

See for yourself – your customers are going to be thrilled. Remember, contact our sales team any time for more information

Creating new email accounts

It is simple to create new email accounts through the Openprovider dashboard. To order an email box, you must have at least one domain name in your account to which this email address will be connected. You can see how you can create new email accounts in the video below:

Accessing the DNS settings

Follow the steps in the video below to see the DNS records for your newly created email.

Creating permanent aliases

All email accounts at Openprovider come with unlimited permanent aliases that are easy to set up. To learn how to set them up, watch the video below.

Accessing the webmail interface

Your customers can manage their email through a webmail interface (, which does not have Openprovider branding. See how it works in this 10-minute demo, including how your customers can set up basic settings, such as email forwarding, filtering, setting up IMAP accounts, and sharing access to the account with other users:

Creating temporary aliases in the webmail interface

Besides the option for you as an admin to create permanent aliases in the Openprovider control panel, your customers can also automatically generate temporary aliases through the webmail interface. These aliases are generated randomly and are valid for a set time between one hour and ten years.

Exploring security options in the webmail interface

Your customers can set up various security measures using the webmail interface, including changing their passwords and setting up 2FA and fingerprint authentication. Watch the video below to learn more about how this works.

Spam filtering makes up a core part of email security. Our business email solution comes with a basic spam filter included, plus the option to whitelist and blacklist particular email sources. Of course, our email solution is also fully compatible with SpamExperts for additional protection and archiving solutions.

Our business mail solution also allows your customers to customize their security settings when it comes to email encryption and the quarantining of rejected emails. This is how it works:

Exploring options for migration

If you are using a different email provider, you might be interested in learning what the migration process to Openprovider would entail. Here’s how it works:

Get started with business email

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