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Why you should have all your domains under one roof

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Are you tired of keeping track of different registrars to make sure everything is functioning correctly? How about issuing multiple invoice orders and dealing with ownership changes when a single customer decides to buy domains that are not under the same registrar? Consolidating your portfolio under a single domain provisioning company ensures that you can dedicate your precious time to growing your business. No more worries about invoices, customer support or other menial tasks.

Let’s take a look at the main benefits of putting your whole domain portfolio under one umbrella!

1. Your loyalty won’t go unnoticed

Just like you value the loyalty of your customers, domain provisioning companies should also be grateful for the loyalty that you show them by placing your whole portfolio in their hands. You should therefore make sure that the domain registrar you are working with with has your best interests in mind. Openprovider, for example, has a unique Membership-centric business model. through our Memberships, which our resellers get to benefit from paying cost price on top domains, as well as from many exclusive offers and discounts.

2. Stay safe and in good hands

With all of your domains under one roof, you get to enjoy the benefits of having one team of experts that can take care of any issue you’re encountering. That’s much more efficient than dealing with many different support teams at once.

3. A single invoice to rule them all

Having to deal with multiple invoices is yet another disadvantage of not having everything under the same roof. Instead of spending your time filing paperwork or organizing your company’s billing information, why not consolidate your portfolio with a single registrar and focus your efforts on growing your business?

4. Manage everything from one, unified platform

Having multiple registrars handle your domains can be a bit overwhelming, as each one has its own platform (with its own learning curve) and you’ll have a lot of work to keep track of it. If you’re consolidating your domain portfolio under a single registrar, make sure that you feel comfortable and have no problems finding your way around their platform. Better yet if they offer a centralized platform through which you can manage all of your products in one single place!

5. Purchasing and renewing domains has never been easier

No more worries about the tedious process of renewing hundreds or even thousands of domains each year. If you have your whole portfolio with the same domain provisioning company, you can handle this in the blink of an eye. After all, your time is priceless and would be much better spent working on expanding your business.

6. Jack of all trades (or registrars), master of none

There’s a reason why professional basketball players are not also professional football, volleyball and golf players at the same time. It takes time, effort and dedication to become the best at something, be it a sport or be it a business. Every registrar also has a different way of doing things: from a unique platform with different settings and options to the products and support they offer. The most efficient solution? Choose a registrar you feel comfortable with and stick with them.

7. Feel like you’re at home

We all like to be treated kindly and create lasting bonds with others. Finding your domain portfolio a single home can also mean finding yourself a family to grow with. Creating a long-lasting relationship with your account manager and support team makesevery interaction a true pleasure to carry out.

And to wrap it all up!

Now you know just how many advantages come with consolidating your domain portfolio under one roof, are you ready to make the move? Have you already got a registrar in mind or are you still searching for the right one?

At Openprovider, we feel that we could be a great match for you. We’d like to ask you to give us a chance to prove ourselves. We don’t want to talk the talk, we want to walk the walk! 

Ready to join the Openprovider family?

Here’s how to begin your journey:

  1. Head over to our Reseller Control Panel (RCP) and log in, or create an account if you haven’t already.
  2. Choose a Membership plan that adapts to your needs and to the current or projected size of your domain portfolio.
  3. Purchase your Membership plan of choice to gain access to domains at cost price, as well as all the associated exclusive benefits and discounts!

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