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How to become a domain investor

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domain investing - how to become a domain investor?

Being a domain investor can be a rewarding and lucrative business – if done correctly. Less volatile than stocks or crypto, investing in domains requires minimal capital, while the associated risks are relatively low. Moreover, this type of investment can easily be combined with a full-time job, making it a great “side hustle” for many different types of professionals. In this article, we discuss the steps you should take if you would like to give domain investing a shot.

Do your research about domain investing

If you want to become a domain investor, it is important to do your research first. You should familiarize yourself with the domain industry and understand the different types of trends in the domain market. For example, two and three-character domain names are some of the hottest names on the market right now, as are domain names that spell out short and common English words. Numerical domain names, such as, are also experiencing their moment in the sun, particularly so in Asia.

On the side of domain extensions, .com is always highly coveted. However, finding good .coms is becoming harder and harder in an oversaturated market. Some up-and-coming extensions, particularly for tech companies and start-ups, include .co, .io, and .ai. There is also still a lot of demand for country-code domains (ccTLDs). This is especially the case for growing economies such as India, Brazil, Nigeria, and the Philippines.

Grow your portfolio

Having done your research and knowing the ins and outs of the domain industry, it is time to build and grow your portfolio. You can start off by buying existing domain names from registrars, or you can look for new domain names that are currently available. You should also consider looking at aftermarket domains. These are domains that have already been registered before but are now available for purchase again. 

As a domain investor, you should be continually adding to your portfolio by acquiring new domains and building out existing ones. Offering development services to your domains can help you stand out in the market and add additional value to the domain names you are selling. These include services like web design, content creation, and marketing services. The possibility of offering development services makes domain investing a great “side hustle” for marketing professionals and web developers.

Team up with Openprovider

With over 2000 different domain extensions on offer and a large selection of aftermarket domains in our portfolio, Openprovider is a great platform to kickstart your career as a domain investor. With great domains, a centralized, easy-to-use control panel, and a transparent pricing structure, you have everything you need to become a domain investor of your own. And, what’s more – the more domains you have, the more you get to save.

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