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Benefits of becoming a reseller with Openprovider

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There are many business opportunities in the domain registration industry, which require different levels of commitment. Some of these opportunities don’t need a great investment. One opportunity that is particularly easily scalable and highly profitable is becoming a domain reseller.

For your success as a domain reseller, it is crucial to back yourself up with a reliable and experienced provider. Your provider should give you access to competitive prices on domains and secondary products, as well as to high quality support. A good provider will save you time and money and will help you earn more with less effort.

Are you a domain reseller, or you want to become one? In that case, we want to share some of the benefits you will get if you choose Openprovider as yuor provider.

Becoming a domain reseller v/s a domain registrar

Selling domains to companies and individuals is a highly profitable online business, because of the low investment and the high volume of sales it will bring. And you don’t have to become an accredited registrar yourself to do this job, as there are reseller opportunities everywhere.

Basically, any individual or company could become a reseller. However, becoming a registrar will require a certain list of conditions and characteristics to be met. You’ll have to get an accreditation for every single extension you want to offer. Often this is a very long process.

The process of becoming an ICANN accredited registrar is very complex. It is widely known that this process may take a lot of time, money, and effort to meet the required standards. Having a complete development department that supports all sorts of backends of registries, keeps them updated and ensures they meet the requirements is therefore necessary to succeed as a registrar. You also have to prove your financial stability to ensure the risks of failure are very low, and show you have the adequate protection to react in case something doesn’t go as planned.

Also, handling multiple connections is a complex process. There will be regular changes to implement, as often as every week if you manage 175 accreditations or more, as we do. At Openprovider we take care of many tasks like this for you, so you can focus on your core business.

Costs of becoming a registrar v/s a reseller

The whole process of ICANN accreditation also requires several payments. These start with a non-refundable application fee of $3,500, followed by a $4,000 yearly fee and a variable quarterly fee that goes up to a few thousand dollars per year. All registrars will have to pay these fees year by year if they want to remain accredited.

And there are even more fees to pay, as you will also want to be accredited for ccTLDs, and you will need to pre-fund many registries with a prepaid balance before even starting. And as you will be working with many different registries, this amount isn’t small. It may take a lot of time to see the return of these investments. If your volumes are low, becoming a registrar isn’t economically feasible for you.

It could therefore many weeks or even a few months to sort out all the contractual and financial obligations. It could even take up to one year per registry. And then, you have to face the technical implementation, which takes a couple of weeks per extension on average. And last but not least, you will have to take care of many different invoices, balances, and points of contact with a wide variety of registries.

Becoming a reseller, on the other hand, means you can sell domains without having the drawback of going through this major, restrictive and complex process. You don’t have to be an ICANN-accredited registrar to sell domains. This is where resellers and accredited registrars can start to work together. Even though our platform allows the managing any small volumes of domains, from small to extremely large, we can offer everyone the best prices

The advantages of reselling Openprovider

There are several reasons why we are a great choice for any domain reseller. Below, we will highlight the most important ones.

Domains at cost price

The prices you see is the price you get. Through our unique cost price-model, our Members pay the same prices for domains as we do. We also don’t charge unexpectedly high or hidden fees for high fees for domain or Membership renewal. Besides, we work closely with domain registries to be able to get even more discounts. This allows us to offer very competitive prices to our customers, especially to those who become our Members.

Our unique relationship with suppliers will help you get great prices, which will lead you to earn more profit in the long run.

Free DNS

Being able to effectively manage DNS zones is essential for domain resellers. Free DNS doesn’t only mean you won’t have to pay for it. It also means you’ll be able to administer it as you need. Whether it is a backup for your own DNS or you want to use it as your master DNS: you are free to choose.

Automated transfers

If you’re already a reseller, you know that domain transfers can be tricky. Manual transfers are easy, but time consuming when managing large volumes of domains. Automated transfers are more complex and will require deep experience and knowledge of the obstacles that can be found throughout the process.

Each registrar and registry has their own requirements. It is therefore essential to oversee the transfer process carefully. At Openprovider we have wide experience in domain transfers. We will help you through the whole process of transferring your domains from other registrars, so you will be able to manage them under only one control panel. And, while some registrars might apply an extra charge on portfolio transfers, we assure this won’t happen with us. We do not add any additional costs.

High quality support

At Openprovider you can find a reliable team of experts who have worked in this industry for more than 16 years. This gives us the experience to help you sort out any barriers or complications. We also speak your language: we are ready to answer your enquiries in English, Dutch, Spanish, Catalan, Arabic, and Russian.

Discounts and promotions

Besides the opportunity of finding domains at cost price, we also roll out over 70 domain promotions each month. We ensure you will be the first to know when prices are going to be favorable to your business, for your benefit and profit!

One-click setup with WHMCS

One big factor which will help you earn more time to focus on core tasks is keeping all of your domains, products and services under the same platform.  This is even more crucial when you have a multinational or international approach.

With an account at Openprovider, you will be able to manage all your domains, SSL certificates and more products in one innovative control panel. Besides, you will be able to register, transfer and renew domains in bulk from the start through our WHMCS module. WHMCS is one of the most used all-in-one client management, billing and support solutions in industry. At Openprovider, it is an easy process to bulk import all our extensions and prices to your WHMCS.

These are only some of the benefits you’ll get when you choose Openprovider. If you’re ready to start, setting up with Openprovider is easy and quick.

How do I connect with Openprovider?

Connecting with your domain provider must be as smooth and easy as possible. At Openprovider, our plugins grant you easy access to the products and services you provide your customers. Moreover, our support team will ensure that you integrate your systems with ours as easily as possible for you. You will save time and gain money.

Connecting with Openprovider happens in only a few clicks. You just have to
sign up for free to get access to our control panel, and you will be able to start selling domains right away.

If you’re planning to become a reseller, you might also be interested in contacting our sales team to learn how we can
solve your needs in the world of domain name registrations.

We hope to have you on board with us soon!

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