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Price updates.Scot price & currency change

DotScot registry has announced a currency change for their .scot extension. As of April 1, 2019, .scot domains will be charged in euros instead of British pounds. According to the registry, they are taking this step because they expect volatility in currency exchange rates between GBP and other major currencies once Brexit takes place.

As a result, the prices have changed slightly as well. The former GBP prices have been converted to euros and rounded down. The member price for .scot domains (applicable to New gTLD and Supreme members) will be €22.15. Tier prices will range from €27.00 to €35.00.

Price increase .realty

Effective from August 17, 2019, the price for .realty domains will increase. The new member price for new registrations, transfers, and renewals will be $272.18 (applicable to all Supreme and New gTLD members). The tier prices will range from $284 to $298, while the restore price remains unchanged.

The registry announced that existing domains, registered before August 17, 2019 will be “grandfathered” – meaning they will face a much lower price increase. Renewal of such domains will cost $33.75.

If you have any .realty domains or want to register them, it would be very beneficial to do so before August 17. You can register or renew up to a maximum period of 10 years, which means that you can easily save more than $2,600.

KernelCare price decrease

Starting from April 1, the price for all newly purchased KernelCare licenses drops from €3.36 to €2.25 per month for regular customers. For members, KernelCare price will range from €2.13 to €2.00 for monthly lease. Please note that this new price applies only for newly purchased licenses. In order to benefit from the new pricing, you will need to delete and recreate your license.

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