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Raise your .org’s profile on the Internet

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.org: the domain that brings people togetherThe PIR (Public Interest Registry) has launched a special promotion for .org domains. org is a reliable online option for NGOs, businesses, communities and individuals. Many people are already using .org to tell their most important audiences about their shared interests, passions, and causes.

An .org domain is a great choice for non-profits, communities and associations. But  for for-profit companies, you also don’t need to rule it out yet! For example, .org is a great pick if you want to create a website to highlight your corporate social responsibility programme online.

.org is one of the oldest domains on the Internet. It is one of the 7 initial extensions that were released to the public in 1986, just like .com, .gov and .edu. That makes this domain over 30 years old! Visitors and customers consider .org a trustworthy choice because of its long history and its association with non-profits and social responsibility. While it is indeed a common pick for NGO’s, .org is an open extension and anyone can register it.

Until 15 January 2018, we are offering all of our Members the chance to register .org domains for the price of only $7.00 in the first year. If you do not have a membership plan, the price will be $9.99.

Take advantage of this promotion today and offer your clients .org: the domain that brings people together.

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