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.nl domain prices just keep on rising!

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.NL domain prices just keep on rising!

SIDN (the .nl registry operator) has published the 2022 prices for the .nl domain and, surprise, surprise, they are going up. This price increase is due to the fact that the registry’s operating costs (security, digital infrastructure, salaries, etc.) increase every year. They cover these costs by increasing the prices of their TLDs. 

The .nl domain price increase remains the same as for previous years: 2%. SIDN claims that their costs have increased more than this. However, they have announced that will try to stick to just a yearly 2% increase for the registrars. This price still does not take into account certain discounts that allow registrars to further adjust the end prices of their TLDs. In this case, we are talking about “incassokorting”, a discount registrars receive if they pay with “incasso” payment methods. Next year, this discount will be reduced to 2.5%.

Due to all of the above, the final price for .nl in 2022 will be €3.19. Thanks to the large portfolio of .nl domains managed by Openprovider, you will only see a price increase of 14 cents, still guaranteeing you the best price on the market!

Registries usually implement annual price increases, to cover their costs. This is a specific trend of our industry that we, as registrars, can’t do much about. As a reseller, you might want to know how you can maximize your profit in spite of prices increasing every year. The answer? Buying domains for more than one year. For example, if you purchase a .nl domain today for a period of 5 years, you would pay the current price multiplied by 5. Next year’s price change would therefore not affect you, as you will have already paid for the domain.

So there it is: thinking of paying less now will only make you pay more in the future. Always think long-term!

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