New feature: Plesk licenses IP binding

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Plesk licenses IP bindingMore than a year ago Plesk started to take action against licenses that are breaching Plesk’s EULA (End-User License Agreement) by proactively detecting key instances activated on multiple servers at once (multi-use), and suspending them.

In line with this policy we have added a new feature to our Reseller Control Panel, allowing our customers to bind their licenses to specific IP addresses.

Why is it important?
Firstly, a license bound to an IP address can’t be activated on multiple servers, therefore the possibility of a license theft is eliminated – even if someone unauthorized gets a hold of your license key, they won’t be able to activate it.

Secondly, if your license is activated on multiple servers at this moment (accidentally or deliberately), it’s most likely, that Plesk has already marked it as ‘Fraudulent’ and suspended the key. Binding a license to an IP will unsuspend it and lift the ‘Fraudulent’ status, letting you continue to use your license normally.

Our policy towards license multi-usage
In order to help our customers to adhere to Plesk’s EULA, from this point on we will be sending notifications to those for whose licenses Plesk has detected usage on multiple IP addresses. If, within 7 days starting from the moment of multi-usage detection, the license isn’t bound to an IP address by the customer, we will bind it proactively from our side, forcing the first address from the list of detected IPs as default.

Once a license is bound to an IP address all of its other instances become inactive.

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