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International website design competition

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f3 space international website design competitionNow your clients have the chance to win prizes valued at 30,000 dollars through, hosted by Radix. is an international website design competition based on the 3 pillars of website design: Form, Function and Flair. The participating websites must have one of the following extensions: .space, .store, .tech, .online, .site, .host, .press or .website.

Encourage your clients to enter this contest. Their work will be recognised and rewarded by industry veterans. aims to provide praise and recognition for the best website designers from all over the world. And nd the prizes are incredible, so there’s no reason not to take part!

Form, flair, function challenges web designers to do their best, uninhibited and with no limitations, so the challenge has no restrictions or instructions of any kind. There are no cliches, no guidelines and there are no limits. encourages designers to think out of the box and create a daring project. The competition is based on three fundamental pillars of design:

  1. Form: This is what makes your design stand out because of its visual influence. Think of “Form” as the first impression your design makes on other people.
  2. Function: This is how your website design attracts users. Function decides whether browsing on your website is intuitive and innovative, and if it takes you away from the exciting mind or if it is created with elegance.
  3. Flair: This is the way in which your design is unique and original. Flair shows off the masterful mix of Form and Function to demonstrate that your design is worthy of worldwide recognition and praise.

Join the competition!

As a distributor, this website design competition is a great opportunity to offer your clients some of the extensions that are participating in the promotion.

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