Improvements and price update to Donuts DPML

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Apart from domain names, registry Donuts also offers a brand protection service called Domains Protected Marks List (DPML). A brand owner that orders a DPML block, gets his trademark name blocked across all Donuts’ extensions at a fee that is many times lower than the regular registration fees. You can find all details about this service in our knowledge base.

Last month, Donuts announced a new feature: homograph protection. Not only the exact term that you specify is protected, but in addition, Donuts finds all Unicode characters which are confusingly similar to characters in the protected name (so-called homographs), and block all these variants as well. For example, a phisher may use the domain name gοο which looks legitimate – until you discover that the two O’s are actually Cyrillic characters. Hard to spot, even if you are trained to look for it.

This feature is enabled on all DPML orders, also the ones that were ordered before its introduction in September 2018.

Price update
During the past 12 months, Donuts has not only added homograph protection to it’s DPML service, but also extended its coverage with more than 40 extensions. For that reason, the registry announced a price increase. The new price for a DPML block is $6.000 for a 5-year period. The extended version, DPML Plus, costs $12.000 for a 10-year period.

If you’re interested in a DPML block, please contact our sales team.

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