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The fashion and clothing industry has become a global phenomenon over the years. With numerous fashion and clothing websites launching ever more quickly, standing out can become a challenging task. 

To make a mark, you need a memorable identity that is concise and chic and one that defines your brand effortlessly. The best way to do so is to pick the name of your choice with a relevant new domain extension like .CFD.

Whether you’re starting an online clothing and fashion store, or building a style blog, or curating your clothing and fashion designs as an online portfolio, a name with .CFD will help you build a formidable online brand.

What Is .CFD?

Short for ‘Clothing and Fashion Design,’ .CFD is a new domain extension from the house of ShortDot – the registry behind some of the most successful new domain extensions like .icu, .cyou, and .bond. 

The .CFD domain name is tailored for fashion houses, independent designers, clothing brands, and apparel manufacturers who want to establish themselves in the fashion and clothing industry.

 .CFD is the perfect choice for fashion enthusiasts looking to building a powerful fashion brand and making it the talk of the town.

With .CFD, the clothing and fashion design industry has the unique opportunity to register meaningful names and relevant keywords as opposed to settling for awkward or weird domain names.   

Who Is  .CFD For?

.CFD is a short, memorable, three-letter domain extension, ideal for fashion houses, apparel manufacturers, retailers, designers, and consumers with a flair for stylish fashion and clothing.

.CFD is perfect for creative fashion houses and independent designers who want to transform the world of fashion and create a strong impact. With the .CFD domain extension, fashionistas, and upcoming fashion influencers can create a remarkable online presence.

The .CFD domain extension also makes an apt choice for online boutiques, virtual fashion shows, lifestyle and fashion eCommerce stores, fashion bloggers, and curators of style guides, who wish to live for stylish clothing, and innovative fashion design.

With .CFD, you can now find a name that can be the soul of your brand.

What Makes For A Perfect Domain Name?

Choosing the right domain name can be a game-changer for your fashion brand’s online presence. Your domain name is often the first thing your audiences notice about your brand. A carefully chosen domain name can create a lasting impression in the minds of your audience, and a carelessly chosen one can do quite the opposite.

It can be a daunting task to choose a domain name that describes your brand and breaks through the noise, but it’s not impossible. The steps mentioned below will help you pick out the perfect domain name for your brand.

  •  Length: Make your domain name short, crisp, easy to remember, and spell. Remember, less is more.
  •  Relevant: Your domain name should be relevant to your industry, brand, and the nature of your product/services.
  •  Creative: Having a unique and innovative domain name for your brand will make it look exceptional.
  •  Keywords: Using relevant keywords related to your brand can help you rank on search engine result pages and make it easy for your audience to find you.
  •  Clear: Be simple with your name. Avoid jargon, special characters, and misspelled words for your website name.

Why Choose A Domain Name With  .CFD

There are many benefits to choosing a  .CFD domain extension to build a unique and innovative online fashion brand. 

Here are five reasons why .CFD is the perfect domain name for kickstarting your fashion and clothing brand online.

  •  Easy availability of names

With  .CFD, you can find an innovative and meaningful domain name of your choice, which can be hard to find with any other domain extension. Being a brand new domain extension, which is launching soon, the chances of finding the name of your choice, and creating a  brandable identity is much higher.

  •  Meaningful and memorable names

.CFD offers novice clothing businesses, fashion brands, and designers the benefit of choosing a domain name that matches their brand name. This choice means you can register a meaningful and memorable domain name with a relevant .CFD extension. 

Being a three-letter domain extension that is a smart abbreviation for Clothing and Fashion Design, getting a short and easy to recall domain name for your brand will be a piece of cake. Apart from this, you can also register a full name or a catchphrase, or any other relevant and keyword-rich domain name with .CFD.

  •  Easy to build a formidable brand with

Easy availability of meaningful and memorable domain names makes .CFD the best choice to transform your fashion and clothing business into an innovative and unique brand. A domain name with .CFD will help you create a strong and unassuming online presence without compromising your online identity. 

How to name your website with .cfd

Here’s how you can pick a creative name with the .cfd domain extension:

  • (e.g.
  • (e.g.
  • (e.g.
  • (e.g.
  • (e.g.
  • (e.g.
  • (e.g.
  • (e.g.
  • (e.g.
  • (e.g.


If you have been searching for an ideal domain name for your clothing and fashion design brand then the .CFD domain extension makes for a great choice.   

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