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.si starts validation of contact data

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.si domain extensionARNES, the registry of the .si domain extension, has noticed that the data of many domain holders is incorrect. Many domain holders hide their data non-existent privacy services or organizations, or their e-mail addresses are simply not working. As a reseller, we ask you to kindly remind your domain holders that such practices go against ARNES’s Terms and Conditions. Such practices can even result in a domain name being deleted. As of the 15th of September 2018, the registry has also started a new privacy, procedure. They are therefore contacting all domain holders to update their personal data.

.si is the ccTLD for the country of Slovenia. Although Slovenia is a small country, the .si domain extension is actually one of the safest ones on the Internet. It shares this privileged position with the domain extensions of Norway (.no), Greece (.gr), Luxembourg (.lu), Italy (.it), Estonia (.ee), South Africa (.za), Portugal (.pt), Netherlands (.nl), Bulgaria (.bg), Denmark (.dk), Iceland (.is), Switzerland (.ch), Ireland (.ie), Croatia (.hr) and the small island of Guernsey (.gg).

Of course, this list means that there are also quite some shady TLDs to find on the Internet. While ccTLDs are generally a safe choice, certain “new” TLDs like .stream, .download, .vip and .party have a rather shady reputation. At the top of the list of untrustworthy TLDs is .country. Over 99% of .country domains are associated to “shady” websites!  You can find a full list of the shadiest TLDs on the Web here.

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