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Improved deletion procedure .pl

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.pl domain deletion procedureStarting at 1st of August 2018, we will improve the deletion and expiration procedure of .pl domains. You will have more control about the deletion of the domain. Besides this, we will also introduce the ability to restore .pl domains. We will increase the renewal date offset for .pl domains to two days. These changes apply to .pl and all second level domains under .pl.

New .pl deletion procedures

It is important to understand the differences between an explicit delete and an expiration:

  • Explicit delete: If the domain holder asks you to delete their domain, you may do so by deleting the domain from your Openprovider account. This will immediately remove the domain at the registry. During five days, the domain will remain be in “delete_blocked” statu. After this, it will be available for new registration again. We cannot restore deleted domains.
  • Expiration: If the domain holder does not want to renew their domain anymore, you can let the domain expire in Openprovider by disabling auto-renew. Doing so will remove the domain from your account at the domain’s expiration date. During the 30 days after expiration, you can reactivate the domain at no additional costs.

Renewal date offset

As a result of this change, we will change the renewal date offset to 2 days. That means that a renewal or expiration request for a .pl domain should be received at latest two days before the registry’s expiration date. Currently, that period is 0 days. The dates that we communicate are always leading.

You can find more information about the renewal date offset and our renewal policies in our knowledge base. Feel free to contact our support team if you have any additional questions.

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