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.cyou Is Ready For Its Sunrise Launch With OpenProvider!

If you are a trademark holder looking to register your trademarks on a cool new domain extension to appeal to younger audience groups in a bid to scale your reach, then we have some good news for you! There’s a smart new Gen Z oriented domain extension in town.

The .cyou domain extension from the house of ShortDot is ready for its Sunrise launch on May 14th, 2020 with OpenProvider. The .cyou domain is expertly positioned to appeal to the creative individuals and innovative brands of today. Having said that, the .cyou Sunrise launch is exclusively directed at giving trademark holders the opportunity to register and secure their trademarks with .cyou.

What Is .cyou?

.cyou, short for ‘See You’, is an uber-cool new domain extension squarely designed for new-age brands and individuals that have never lived in a world without the Internet or social media.

The .cyou domain extension is for Gen Z and tech-savvy people who are today’s digital natives who not only embrace modern social media but also thrive on it.

The .cyou domain is a great fit for social media influencers who wish to further their online presence and monetize their talents on the Internet. The .cyou domain is also perfect for brands and businesses that want to reach younger audience groups and revamp their online presence.

With a clear focus on empowering Gen Z to bring their ideas to life and help modern businesses that want to scale their reach, the .cyou domain is for those who strongly believe in the ethical values of diversity, inclusivity, and independence.

.cyou Sunrise Is Here!

With the Sunrise launch, trademark holders can now secure their rights and trademarks with .cyou at OpenProvider from May 14th to June 15th, 2020. Furthermore, OpenProvider will also offer .cyou during general availability starting from June 16th, 2020, along with an Early Access Period for the first seven days.

During the first seven days of General Availability, there will be an access fee added to the standard registration price of each .cyou domain. This fee will be reduced with every passing day during this time.

Key points

  • .cyou is an open extension without any registration requirements.
  • Sunrise Period begins on May 14th and ends on June 15th, 2020 (UTC 1400).
  • This is a Start-Date Sunrise meaning that as soon as a registration is created, the domain is live and ready to be used!

4 Reasons Why Trademark Holders Should Make The Most Of .cyou’s Sunrise Launch

Here are 4 reasons why trademark holders should secure their trademarks with .cyou during Sunrise:

  • Cleverly-Positioned And Scalable Domain Extension. The .cyou domain is cleverly positioned to appeal to younger audiences. This makes it the perfect choice for trademark holders in the likes of brands, businesses, and noteworthy individuals to secure their trademarks on an ultra-cool domain extension like .cyou. This is a promising opportunity for trademark holders to reinvent their online presence and scale their reach.
  • Brand Pedigree And Marketing Investment. The .cyou domain is owned and operated by ShortDot, the same registry behind the mammoth success of .icu (the largest new domain extension by market share) and .bond (a premium domain for the finance industry). This aside, the registry is in full-swing to invest generously in promoting .cyou and building a formidable brand around it.
  • Cost-Effective And Strategic Choice. Defensively registering trademarks with .cyou during Sunrise is a highly-strategic, cost-effective and convenient decision. Especially since the alternative involves searching for and acquiring the domain later from either a second-hand market or through a dispute settlement, which can be a rather expensive and complicated affair.
  • Eliminate Risks. Once .cyou is made available to the general public, there is a notable amount of risk around losing valuable trademarks to third party buyers. If these buyers use trademarked names in an objectionable way, it could tarnish the brand image of the original trademark holders.

What Makes .cyou Unique?

  • Availability of Meaningful and Memorable Names. As a brand-new domain extension, .cyou offers an enormous collection of meaningful and memorable names that are not available anywhere else. Short, snappy, and smart names This along with the fact that .cyou adds a modern twist makes it a highly memorable choice.
  • Names On .cyou Are Free of Usage Limitations. The .cyou domain is truly agnostic and independent of geography, industry, and language. This translates into the .cyou domain being usable by any brand or individual in any part of the world irrespective of their industry or niche. There are no restrictions or usage limitations, which means the .cyou domain can be used by anyone to denote their presence on the Internet.
  • Find Innovative, Smart, and Brandable Names. The availability of meaningful, memorable, and agnostic names on .cyou make this a supremely brandable choice. Additionally, the fact that .cyou is a slick acronym for the phrase ‘See You’, makes this a smart and innovative choice. It shows that your brand or website is innovative and ‘with it’.

Final Thoughts

Trademark holders should make the most of .cyou’s Sunrise period to register and secure their rights and trademarks. Given its unique characteristics, the .cyou domain extension is surely going to be a success among new-gen brands and influencers. For trademark holders looking to reach Gen Z, this is the perfect opportunity to associate their trademarks with innovation and creativity.

Are you a trademark holder? Available for trademark holders starting monday: 18.05.2020

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