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DNSWe hope you’ve been making good use of Openprovider DNS hosting. As with all of our products, we strive to add value for our users wherever we can. Since it’s a free service, there is no SLA or guarantee in place. However, we still work to ensure it’s a reliable service ready for any personal or professional use. To that end, we are always looking to improve our DNS, make changes as needed, and put industry best practices into action.

Last year, we started by migrating our DNS hosting to a scalable architecture hosted in the cloud. This year we will continue rolling out the improvements.

We’ve committed to bringing our system into compliance with published standards. The first milestone of the year will be supporting DNS flag day, which goes into effect Feb 1, 2019. You can read more about this on the DNS flag day website.

Our first step toward this goal has already been accomplished, as we have upgraded to the most recent stable version of PowerDNS. In addition to getting our system ready for DNS flag day, we are using new tools to validate the one-million-plus DNS records we are hosting.

Because of stricter validation requirements, some records which were previously allowed will no longer be accepted. If you receive errors while creating or modifying a zone, this Knowledge Base article can help you diagnose most common problems.

DNS panel beta test – become a beta tester!

Additionally, we are widening access to the single-domain DNS panel beta test. This feature lets you provide access to end users and allows them to modify the DNS zones directly. Beta testers will receive three free months of the finished service, once we release it as a finished product.

If you’d like to learn more about the DNS panel and the changes we are making, please contact the team at

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