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New gTLDs on the market: .boo and .rsvp

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On October 4, two new gTLDs will simultaneously start their Sunrise Phases: .boo and .rsvp. As you are used to, you will be able to register these two new gTLDs at Openprovider.

.boo and .rsvp are the newest extensions coming out of Google Registry. This registry already manages a selection of short and catchy new gTLDs, such as .day, .app, .meet, and .dev. .boo is particularly suitable for companies that want to run a fun marketing moment, for instance, while running a special campaign for Halloween or Valentine’s Day. Meanwhile, .rsvp is targeted at both individuals and businesses that want to create websites for events with advance booking. Everything goes, from a hairdresser appointment to a wedding.

There will be no special requirements in place to register these new gTLDs. Domain names can be between 1 and 63 characters in length and can be registered for a period between 1 and 10 years. IDN registrations are expected to be permitted – we will share more information about this in a later phase.

As is the case for other extensions from Google Registry, .boo and .rsvp have been added to the HSTS preload list. This means that registrants will have to set up a valid SSL certificate for any .boo or .rsvp domain in order to be able to use the domain. The domain will not be able to load if an SSL certificate is not installed.

Launch phases for .boo and .rsvp

There will be three launch phases for these extensions:

  1. Sunrise Phase: October 4, 2022 – November 7, 2022
  2. Early Access: November 8, 2022 – November 15, 2022
  3. General Availability: From November 15, 2022 onwards.

For the Sunrise Phase, we will need the following information from you to register a domain:

We will keep you updated on whether Openprovider will support the Early Access phase for .boo and .rsvp. You will receive more information about this by email as soon as we know the details. Please make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter. 

For general availability, the price for registrations, renewals, and transfers will be fixed at $8.00 for Members. You will be able to find non-Member prices in our control panel as soon as these extensions are available.

If you have any further questions about these new extensions, please feel free to contact our support team.

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