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Secure your clients’ websites with industry-leading SSL certificates by Sectigo. Our SSL certificates provide robust encryption, enhancing customer trust and data security. As a reseller, get competitive pricing and exclusive discounts - the bigger your Membership Plan, the more you save.

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What are SSL certificates?

SSL certificates validate your website’s identity and keep the data it receives encrypted and safe. They do this by using encryption algorithms.

These algorithms “scramble” the data users enter into your website, such as names, passwords, and payment details. This makes it impossible for third parties to intercept sensitive data, such as passwords, email addresses, and payment information.

Types of SSL certificates

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DV certificates

For smaller websites, such as personal websites, blogs, and portfolios, that do not process personal data and want cost-effective security.

Only email validation needed.

Ready for use in 15 minutes.

Starts at $4.76 / per year

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OV certificates

For small to medium-sized businesses that process and handle sensitive data, such as payments, usernames, and passwords.

Email validation & company validation needed.

Ready for use in 1-2 business days.

Starts at $30.96 / per year

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EV certificates

For enterprise companies that process large amounts of sensitive data. EV certificates require extensive validation to ensure optimal security.

Email validation, company validation and EV documents needed.

Ready for use in 3-6 business days.

Starts at $91.51 / per year

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Protect your customers’s websites and add a new revenue stream to your portfolio by reselling Sectigo SSL certificates from Openprovider. Become a Member and get access to our exclusive prices today, plus sales and marketing materials to help sell SSL to your customers. 

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