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Plesk webinar: Sell Solutions, Not Infrastructure!

Plesk will host a series of interactive webinars to share the insights on trends and changes in the industry. Answering questions like “How should I guarantee a growth path for my organisation?” and “How can I embrace the current changes and still enjoy attractive margins?”

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.ASIA domain name

Simplified eligibility rules .asia domains

Effective from the 15th of July 2017, the .asia registry will simplify its eligibility requirements and will no longer require an address in the Asia-Pacific region for registration of a .asia domain. The new Charter Eligibility Declaration states that all “entities that have established, seeking or have nexus relationship and presence within the Sponsor Community” are eligible to register a .asia domain.

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Upcoming price increases .no and .bm; change in price increases Uniregistry

Registries Norid (.no) and BermudaNIC (.bm) have announced price increases to their extensions. Uniregistry has mitigated a part of their previously announced price increases.

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Openprovider Domain module for WHMCS version 7.2

WHMCS released version 7.2 on 16th of May. The Openprovider SSL and Domain modules are fully compatible with the latest release of WHMCS. A new version of the Domain module has also been released, with new features and bug fixes...
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Pay with ACH (Automated Clearing House)

Since we started actively working with customers from the US, the question of providing convenient ways to credit reseller accounts has become more urgent. It seems that bank transfers in the US are very expensive and the situation concerning payments...
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New Password Expiration Policy starting May 10th

User passwords expire every 180 days. When a user signs into the RCP with an expired password, they will be prompted to create a new password. Previously, changing the password at the prompt was optional, but in the interest of increased security, we have decided to make it mandatory.

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Pay with JCB or Diners Club International

Recently many customers outside of Europe have asked for alternative payment methods to be available in the control panel and now we have launched the integration with two new payment processing systems accepted worldwide: JCB and Diners Club International. New payment methods are now available on the payment page of our control panel to all customers that have a contract with our Dutch legal entity.

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ISP BillManager 5 plugin for domains

We are happy to publish our new ISP BillManager 5 plugin for easy integration with Openprovider domains module. Plugin is delivered in PHP, regularly updated and validated with every new BillManager release, so customers can safely install BillManager regular updates and patches.

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PowerPanel Openprovider DNS plugin

Starting right now we have a new plugin available for Openprovider Customers: Openprovider DNS! With this plugin you can manage the DNS zone from your domain from within PowerPanel, you can also let your customers manage their own DNS zone.

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Changes to registration period .ch and .li domains

Effective from the 1st of July 2017, the Swiss registry Switch will change the way they calculate the expiration date of new .ch and .li domains. From that date on, the expiration date will always be exactly one year after registration. Furthermore, you will be able to renew domains until the exact expiration date.

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Price increase .ru and .рф domains

The Russian registry has announced a price increase for their .ru and .рф domain extensions. As from the 1st of July 2017, the new Member price will be RUB 141.60. The price for non-Members will increase with RUB 60.00 in all tiers. The new price will apply to new registrations, renewals and transfers.

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Relaxed registration policy for .hu domains

The .hu-registry has relaxed their policies for .hu domains. From now on, in addition to citizens of the EU countries, inhabitants from countries which are members of the Council of Europe, the European Economic Area (EEA), the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), or a neighbouring country of Hungary, may also be listed as owner contact for .hu domains.

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Coming soon: .eco – show off your good side

.eco is the new domain extension for companies, institutions, NGOs and individuals committed to a positive change for the planet. Immediately recognised worldwide, it is a symbol of trust for those working towards a sustainable future.

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Why do you need Whois Privacy?

We all want our information to be private and protected. As the Internet continues to grow and more people access websites, the risks to personal information continue to grow. Although you may believe your site is too small to get any real attention, it may be only a matter of time before your inbox becomes flooded with unsolicited messages and threats. Never assume that your site is too insignificant to be noticed, even if you just purchased the domain yesterday.

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Quarterly cost price review memberships calculator

Quarterly cost price review Memberships

One of our promises with our unique subscription based Membership model is that we forward any financial advantage, related to the included extensions, to our customers. Every quarter we re-investigate our cost prices and adjust them if necessary. For the second quarter of 2017 we will change prices for five of our extensions.

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Plesk product update

The latest newsletter from Plesk features several new ideas that have been integrated in recent weeks. There is Plesk’s integration in four major Cloud providers: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, and Vultr. Furthermore, Plesk Onyx now supports version 7.1.1 of PHP and finally, two new extensions have been added: Virtuozzo ReadyKernel and New Relic.

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SMBinvoices Updates

Our team continues to work on services which make accounts payable processing easier. SMBinvoices is the accounts payable processing application for small and medium companies. Web application includes flexible document workflow. API service is purposed for automatic conversion of .pdf invoices into structured data.

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Price increases Uniregistry

Registry Uniregistry has announced price changes for 16 of its extensions. Those price changes will be effective as from the 8th of September 2017 and will apply to new registrations, transfers and renewals.

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An Interview with Arno Vis, CEO, Openprovider

Jackie Goldstein, Chief Content Manager for, interviews Openprovider CEO Arno Vis.

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Improved renewal procedures .uk domains

This week, we have improved the renewal and expiration procedures for .uk domains, including the second level domains,, and The two major changes are removal of the renewal date offset and free restores.

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