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Get the best name for your online business!

Get the best name for your online business! Until the end of April, the cost price for “Domain” and “New gTLD” Membership owners is from $3.00 for 1-year new registration.

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Whatever your idea is, you start believing in it with .mx!

Whatever your idea is, you start believing it with .MX! In April it’s only $9,00 for 1-year new registrations. Valid for all Membership owners.

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Magic numbers for Members

.eu has a magic numbers promotion “10-10-10”, which means that for 10 days you can buy a 10-year registration for only €10,00. So, from April 4 till April 13 this year you have a great opportunity to save a lot with the magic numbers promo. Only 10 days. Buy now, buy here!

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New verification process .bank and .insurance

fTLD Registry, the organization managing the highly regulated .bank and .insurance top level domains, will change its registrant verification process on the 18th of April 2018. From then on, verification is done before the domain is ordered through a webform on the registry’s website.

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The new data protection regulation: GDPR

Within 2 months, on the 25th of May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR becomes effective. This regulation was created to protect personal data of private individuals within the European Union. What can you expect from Openprovider with respect to the GDPR?

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Quarterly cost price review Members

One of our promises with our unique subscription based Membership model is that we forward any financial advantage, related to the included extensions, to our customers. Every quarter we re-investigate our cost prices and adjust them if necessary. For the second quarter of 2018 we will change prices of five of our extensions.

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Price increase .info, .mobi and other extensions

Afilias, Radix Registry and ZACR have announced a price increase for their extensions. Effective from the 1st of April 2018, South African domains have slightly increased their prices. Effective from the 21st of August 2018, .space and .pw will increase their prices with $9.00. Effective from the 1st of September 2018, Afilias will increase the price of almost all its extensions.

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We’re on the list of the 5000 fastest-growing companies in Europe!

For 37 years, Inc. has welcomed the fastest-growing private companies into a very exclusive club. To be sure, considering the millions of private companies operating throughout Europe, being listed on the Inc. 5000 Europe is a significant achievement.

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New trademark protection service TREx

TREx is a complimentary service to the already existing protected marks list service of registry Donuts (DPML) and available exclusively for TMCH agents like Openprovider. Both services offer protection of the trademark name by blocking it in a number of extensions, rather than registering.

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The advantages of membership

With Openprovider, you choose one of 4 Membership Plans, sign up and your business is “on” all the time. Each Membership Plan comes with a fixed amount of domains (gTLD, new gTLD, premium domains), SSL certificates, spamfilters and licenses.

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Plesk promo: get 30% or 45% off for multiyear purchase

From 15th of January, 2018 till the end of first quarter we are offering huge discounts on Plesk products when license is purchased for a year or two. When buying a Plesk license simply choose a longer period in our control panel. 30% discount will be applied for all purchases made for 1-year term and 45% discount will be applied for 2-year purchases. Discount is calculated from Plesk retail price of a monthly license lease.

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Only from 1st to 31st March: .eu domains for only €1,00

Only this month you can buy your .eu domains for just €1,00. The promotion is available for members with the active Domain and Supreme Memberships and for first year registration only; the discount will not be applied to renewals, transfers or reactivations.

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Only from 1st till 31st of March: .nu and .se domains at promotion prices!

The promotion is available to all customers, with the following price differentiation: for Supreme members: 10 SEK (approximately € 1.00), for customers with active Membership Plans: 30 SEK (appx. € 3,00), for non-members: 50 SEK (appx. € 5,00), which is already a 50% discount off the regular SEK 100.

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Relaxed registration rules .ie

Effective from the 1st of March 2018, the .ie-registry will relax its policies: the domain holder must still have a valid connection to Ireland, but the domain name is no longer required to be related to the requestor.

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Price reduction and currency change .ca domains

Effective from the 1st of March 2018, Canadian .ca domain names will be charged in their native currency: Canadian dollar instead of US dollar. All tier prices remain unchanged, and because the Canadian dollar is around 20% cheaper than the US dollar, this means a price reduction for all customers of ±20%.

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.lt domain name promotion

We are announcing a special promotion of .lt domains from 12 till 22 February, 2018 for our Domain and Supreme Members. Each new 1-year domain creation (i.e. for the first one year period after domain creation) will be only €2.50 + VAT. This discount will not be applied to renewals or reactivations. Transfers remain free of charge for .lt domains.

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Joomla! toolkit is now available for Plesk

Last week we introduced Joomla! tooklit for Plesk in our control panel. After WordPress (according to statistics available online) Joomla! is nowadays the second most used content management system (CMS) in the world. That is why Plesk has recently launched similar tool for managing Joomla! based websites.

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[IMPORTANT CHANGES] Maximum validity period for SSL certificates becomes 2 years

We want to inform you of the upcoming industry deprecation of 3-year certificates. The CA/Browser Forum approved Ballot 193 which reduces the maximum validity period (or ”lifetime”) of Domain Validated (DV) or Organization Validated (OV) SSL/TLS certificates from 39 months to 27 months.

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Price increase .ph

On very short notice, dotPH, the official domain registry of the Philippines, has informed us that effective from the 1st of February 2018 it has increased its price with USD 67,00. We will forward this price increase in all tiers as well in our Supreme Membership. The new tier-1 price will become $121,50, the new tier-8 price will become $114,00.

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Virtuozzo news

We recently rolled out updates to both the Virtuozzo Platform and Virtuozzo Storage, bringing new levels of data protection to our solutions with the ability to encrypt entire storage tiers and enable S3 geo replication to sync data across locations. The release also features improvements that simplify the installation process, cutting deployment time in half compared to previous versions.

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