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.org promotion: raising your organisation’s profile on the Internet

The PIR registry is promoting the extension. org until January 15th ,2018. The price for our membership plans will be $7.00 for the first year of new registrations.

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Offer servers prepackaged with Plesk

Prepackage your servers with Plesk on local or external cloud, stay on the cutting edge of innovation and always keep your servers protected with rock-solid security. Available prepackaging options are already tailored for the needs of hosting providers, SMBs, MSPs, CSPs, web professionals or agencies.

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Quarterly cost price review memberships calculator

Quarterly cost price review Memberships

One of our promises with our unique subscription based Membership model is that we forward any financial advantage, related to the included extensions, to our customers. Every quarter we re-investigate our cost prices and adjust them if necessary. For the last quarter of 2017 we will change prices for four of our extensions.

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DNSSEC enabled for .mobi and .at

As one of the last major gTLDs, .mobi has enabled DNSSEC on their registry systems earlier this month. DNSSEC has also been enabled for the Austrian ccTLD .at and its second level domains and

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Price increase .pyc and .net

Effective from the 25th of September 2017, Rusnames, the registry of the Cyrillic .рус extension (“.rus”) will increase its price with $0.20. Effective from the 1st of February 2018, registry Verisign will increase the price of its .net domain with $0.82. Openprovider will forward these increases in all Memberships and tiers.

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Certificate Authority Authorization

Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) is intended to reduce the risk of SSL/TLS certificate issuance without prior knowledge of the owner. The simplest description of CAA is that it is a DNS record that lists the CAs permitted to issue certificates for your domain. A CA will be required to check this record before they issue a certificate and to only issue the certificate if they are authorised to do so.

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More promotions, more good news!

.mx offer a great September’s sale. The price dropped from $41,4 to $9 per year; .ag offers $10 discount for the new registrations; .lc offers $4 discount for the new registrations; .shop dropped the price from $24 to $3.

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.press anniversary promo

.press has always been among the most preferred domain extensions for the media industry. Currently in its 3rd year, .press has over 50,000 domain registrations. In an effort to recognize this milestone, they are running a special campaign as part of the 3-year anniversary program.

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.moscow city day promotion!

FAITID has announced a big promotion for domain extensions .moscow and .москва (cyrillic) during the celebration of Moscow city Day. The domain is available for 1 year for EUR 1,41 as our tier price and it’s only 0,76 Euro for our Membership Plans.

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Update for Openprovider API – Getting information about DCV validation

According to the changes made by Comodo for DCV validation methods. That is why we highly recommend you to use values returned in the new fields fileContents and dnsValue instead of generating values for DCV validation on your side.

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New billing model for Plesk & Virtuozzo products

Since September 15th we will change the billing for Plesk, Virtuozzo and other licenses we sell. The change will not affect amounts that you pay on the monthly basis, but it will just make invoices more granular.

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Google announces final plan against Symantec

Google announced its final plan for the Chrome browser to distrust Symantec-branded certificates last week. This decision will affect existing certificates starting April 2018. If you use Symantec certificates you are going to need to replace your certificates at some point.

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Price increase for adult domains

ICM Registry, the registry for .sex, .porn, .adult and .xxx domain names, has announced a price increase that will be effective from the 1st of September 2017.

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.top summer promotion!

.top, the domain extension for “high level users” is subject to a special offer, and the domain registration is available for 1 year for only 4.71 CNY. This promotion is only valid during the month of August for members who have a Membership Plan.

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Price increase .tv domains

Verisign, the registry for .tv, has announced a price increase that will be effective from the 1st of September 2017. The new Member price will be USD 25.00. All tier prices will increase with $2.50 as well.

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Transfer lock available for .be domains

Since last week, .be domains can be protected against outgoing transfers by placing a transfer lock, just like you’re used to for .com domains and other gTLDs. This lock is an additional protection for the domain holder, next to the authorization code.

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SSL Panel Updates July 2017

We are happy to announce that we have introduced a number of new, long-awaited features to our SSL Panel web interface. These features aimed at making your customers’ expectations management easier and your workflow comfortable.

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.storage acquired by, new launch

Portfolio registry, well-known from their .xyz extension but also registry of several high-end domains like .theatre, .car and .security, has announced that they’ve acquired the extension .storage and re-launch it from November on, including Sunrise and Early Access Phase.

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.nl by SIDN - reseller logo

SIDN introduces new .nl logo especially for resellers

SIDN is one of the most progressive registrars with respect to acknowledging the existence of resellers: they show the reseller name in both whois and e-mails to end users. SIDN has now designed a new logo “.nl by SIDN” that resellers can include on their website to show that they register .nl domains and to highlight the .nl extension.

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Comodo Domain Control Validation Changes

On July 20th 2017, Comodo will be changing the way they perform domain control checks for certificates. Currently, Comodo offers three mechanisms for DCV: e-mail, HTTP(S) and DNS CNAME.

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