Find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How do I find out if the domain I want is available?

What is the minimum and maximum length of a domain name?

What is the price of a domain name?

How do I register a domain name?

For how many years can I register a domain?

How can I renew my domain?

Which domain extensions is Openprovider accredited for?

Do you offer web or email hosting services?

Is it possible to register or transfer large volumes of domains with you?

Do you support registry bulk transfers (SIDN, EURid, etc)?

What happens to my domain(s)’s expiration date after a transfer?

Is it possible to schedule a transfer for a future date?

Do you need to request transfer codes for domains managed at Openprovider?

Can I transfer a domain that is currently in quarantine to Openprovider?

What is the difference between Premium DNS and regular DNS?

How do I purchase Premium DNS for a new domain?

How do I upgrade an existing domain to Premium DNS?

Do I need technical knowledge to use Premium DNS?

Will Premium DNS improve my SEO results?

Can I purchase Premium DNS for a domain that is registered outside of Openprovider?

Is it possible to do a free trial of Premium DNS?

Is Premium DNS compatible with the Openprovider API?

How do I order and install an SSL certificate?

Why should I get a paid certificate when I could also get a free one?

What is the price of SSL certificates?

Where can I learn more about SSL certificates?

I need to order a large amount of SSL certificates for my customers, what can you do for me?

Why are there different Plesk editions?

How does Plesk licensing work?

What are the differences between VPS and dedicated Plesk licenses?

Do you offer monthly plans for Plesk?

Can I get my money back if I haven't used my license for a period of time?

Do you charge VAT on licenses?

How I can order Plesk extensions in Openprovider?

How do your extensions differ from the ones I can purchase directly from Plesk?

Is it possible to purchase only an extension, even if I have Plesk licenses somewhere else?

What makes your email service unique and different from others available?

What features can I expect from your email service?

Is your email service suitable for businesses of different sizes?

Do I need technical knowledge to use your email service?

Can I set up the email client on Android or iPhone with your service?

How can I purchase EasyDMARC?

How do I set up EasyDMARC?

Do I need technical knowledge to use EasyDMARC?

Can EasyDMARC read my emails?

Does the deployment of EasyDMARC require any infrastructure changes?

Is it possible to use EasyDMARC for domains outside of Openprovider?

I am a reseller. Are there white-labeling options for EasyDMARC?

Can I use EasyDMARC with Plesk?

Can EasyDMARC be integrated with the Openprovider API or WHMCS?

How can I get support for EasyDMARC?

How many emails per month are included?

Why would I need SpamExperts’ spam filters?

How do I configure the incoming spam filter?

Can I manage my email filtering without logging on to the Openprovider platform?

What are domain aliases in SpamExperts?

Which MX records should I use?

How do I become a Member?

What does “domains at cost price” mean?

What are domain operations, and which ones are included in Memberships?

What’s the cancellation policy for Memberships?

Can I “upgrade” or “downgrade” to a different Membership Plan?

Does my Membership expire? How can I renew it?

Do you need a Membership in order to use Openprovider’s services?

How do I apply a promo code?

Are these deals for Members only?

How often do you have new promotions?