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support domain commercial issue

Soy un cliente de Openprovider con preguntas de tipo comercial

Una pregunta de tipo comercial puede ser sobre precios, planes de suscripción, detalles sobre la cuenta, etc.

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support domain technical issue

Soy un cliente de Openprovider con preguntas técnicas

Una pregunta técnica puede ser una orden, transferencia de dominios, configuración de DNS, estado de SSL, etc.

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disclosure of personal data

Quiero solicitar la divulgación de datos personales

Estás a punto de solicitar la divulgación de datos personales de uno o más dominios registrados bajo nuestro registrador Hosting Concepts B.V. d/b/a Openprovider.

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support for domain enduser

Soy propietario/a de un dominio

No soy un cliente directo de Openprovider, pero soy el propietario de un dominio en la cartera y tengo una pregunta.

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contact domain owner

Quiero contactar al propietario de un dominio

Estoy interesado en un dominio de la cartera.

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domain abuse report

Quiero reportar un dominio que parece sospechoso

Quiero reportar un dominio que parece estar relacionado con phishing, abuso o infracción de derechos de autor.

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Los resellers crecen con nosotros

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Sales Support

I have a question about prices, memberships, account details, etc

Technical Support

I have a (technical) question about an order, domain transfer, DNS settings, SSL status, etc

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I want to contact a domain owner

You may want to contact a domain owner for many reasons, for instance, you might be interested in buying a domain.

However, Openprovider does not have direct contact with the domain owners, only with resellers, in most cases hosting providers. Therefore, we cannot assist you with requests about domain purchases or answer questions addressed to the domain owner. We are also not able to provide client contact details to a third-party requester. In order to get in contact with an associated party, we can only suggest:

In cases related to a gTLD (like. com, .net, .org), please use the contact form found in the WHOIS email section.

In cases related to a ccTLD (like .nl, .eu, .be) please check this article for suggestions.

Request the Disclosure of Personal Data

You are about to request the disclosure of personal data for one or more domain names registered under our registrar Hosting Concepts B.V. d/b/a Openprovider.

01. Requestor

Upload a statement (Power of Attorney), from the party you represent, that you represent them and their interests with regard to this request. If you are that party, a statement indicating that the email address used is authoritative with respect to this request. If you are a private person acting on your own behalf, a statement of that.

02. Scope of request

A clear overview of the personal data that you request.

03. Case summary

A brief description of the specific issue the request is attempting to resolve. The description shall provide information that make the infringement of rights by the registrant obvious, i.e. no further investigation or evaluation by the Registrar is necessary to determine the infringement if the facts presumed to be correct.
A reference to the statute or law upon which the claim is being made and information on applicability of this law and statute as well as information on the competent court in the matter.
Any relevant documentation for the request, for example a trademark issue would include a description of how the specific mark is being infringed, a reference to the law under which the infringement is occurring, and documentation that the specific trademark is owned or represented by the requestor.
If you have documents supporting your request, please upload them as a single-file ZIP archive here. The size of the file cannot be more than 10 MB.

04. I declare that: *

Support for Domain Owner

Openprovider does not have a direct panel for domain owners to manage your domain. If you would like to update domain details, we advise you to contact your hosting provider. This is the company you will also pay for your domain and or hosting.

By reading this article, you can find some options on how to find your hosting provider.

In case your hosting provider does not respond to your questions, you can start an escalation procedure via the below form to retrieve your authorization code.

Openprovider, as registrar, is obliged to generate the authorization code of the domain or to apply any changes in the current contacts if the owner of the domain requests it. Therefore Openprovider needs to confirm that the person contacting Openprovider speaks in name of the owner of the domain. Before this escalation procedure can start, Openprovider needs the following information.

I tried to contact my hosting provider on the following date. If applicable.
Describe your question in detail
If the domain is registered on a company name you should send a Chamber of Commerce letter
The invoice that shows you have bought this domain
If you have documents supporting your request, please upload them as a single-file ZIP archive here. The size of the file cannot be more than 10 MB.

Only for Indian customers:

THIS REQUIREMENT IS ONLY APPLICABLE FOR INDIAN CUSTOMERS. 1. ID Proof of the Domain Owner (PAN / Aadhar / Driving License / Passport)2. If the domain is registered in the name of a company / organization, please submit us either Company Registration Certificate / GST Registration Certificate / Certificate of Incorporation (if applies)

Abuse Report

Once this form is completed and submitted your complaint will be forwarded to the specified domain(s) reseller.

For more information, please check the Openprovider abuse and complaints policy, and please note that it is possible that the reseller may choose not to respond to your request.

By granting authorization, the domain owner will be able to contact you in case further information is required to resolve the abuse case. This allows the domain owner to resolve the abuse more quickly and effectively
One or more domains, separated by space
Describe your complaint in detail