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The .si domain extension is the country code top-level domain (TLD) for the country of Slovenia. If you want to target Slovenian customers or highlight your Slovenian identity online, .si is the domain for you.

Where did the .si domain come from?

The .si top-level domain was launched in 1992. Besides widespread use in Slovenia, .si has also been used as a clever “domain hack” by Hispanic website owners, as “sí” means “yes” in Spanish.

What is the purpose of the .si domain name?

A .si domain is a great choice for all types of websites that primarily serve a Slovenian audience: from portfolios and blogs to corporate websites and e-commerce stores. According to research performed by security company McAfee, the .si domain also ranks within the top 10 of safest domains on the Internet, making it a secure and trustworthy choice.

.SI domain features:

DNS Management


Whois Privacy Protection

Domain Forwarding

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