We are Openprovider

Openprovider is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar and technology company, founded in 2004 in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Our story

Initially, our CEO Arno Vis owned a hosting provider business (HOSTING CONCEPTS BV) which experienced great vertical growth and led to the birth of a new company: Openprovider.

Back then, the domain landscape was quite different and there was hardly any competition. The main existing wholesalers monopolized the market and greatly overcharged their customers for their new domains. Over 20 years as an entrepreneur had given Arno enough experience to know that he didn’t want to play that game, so he didn’t. Clients should be at the core of any business and are the reason we manage to exist.

So, Arno broke the mold and decided to drastically reduce the net profit that he could get, in order to build long-lasting relationships with his clients.

That’s what Openprovider is all about: growing with our clients, from the present and into the future.

We have come a long way. Now our goal is to be the go-to wholesaler for the main distributors of the internet industry. We do this not only by providing domain names for some of the most attractive prices in the market, but also by developing our powerful Reseller Control Panel that allows our customers to easily manage their portfolio and provide services to their end customers.

Who we Are

Hosting Concepts B.V.

CoC registration number: 24277249
VAT number: NL817618569B01

Resellers grow with us

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