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Get rebates on your .nl domains and start saving!

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.nl domain discount

At Openprovider, our clients always come first. We want you to grow your business and portfolio, and that’s why we are sharing a very special discount with you this year.

The registry of .nl, SIDN, is currently applying different volume discounts on their domains. We are passing on these discounts to all of our Members. In the first quarter of 2023, our Members already saved a total of €8.500 due to this rebate!

The standard Member price for .nl registrations and renewals is set at €3,76 this year. However, depending on Membership size, all Members will get back a certain percentage of their total .nl registrations and renewals back in rebates. The larger your Membership plan, the larger the discount you will receive.

The rebate percentages are as follows:

Rebates are automatically processed and added to your account balance at the end of each quarter. This discount is valid for all four quarters of 2023.

Although the first quarter has already passed, there is still time to become a Member and take advantage of this incredible discount on .nl domains! Create an account with us, choose the Membership plan that fits your needs, and start saving today.

If you have any questions about this discount, please reach out to our sales team at

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