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In a digital era where the personal touch in customer service seems to be dwindling, emerged as a beacon of hope. Marijn Vlug founded in 2016, frustrated with the declining quality of customer service and the rising costs in the web hosting and domain service markets. These issues were largely due to market consolidation, leaving customers, including’s founder, yearning for better. The mission was clear from the start: to offer superior web hosting and domain services at transparent and accessible prices, underpinned by exceptional customer service.

The journey of

From its humble beginnings, has grown significantly. The company started out as a one-person business, it has evolved, and Marijn currently employs a team of his own. This growth was fueled by the founder’s decision to reinvest profits back into the business, steering clear of external investors to maintain control and integrity. The customer base has organically grown to more than 15,000, a testament to the company’s commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction. Remarkably, has seen its most rapid expansion in the past 12 months, largely thanks to word-of-mouth referrals from its satisfied customers.

Customer service: The heart of

The core philosophy of is that quality customer service is not just an aspect of the business—it’s the essence. “ stands out for, and has always stood for, quality customer service,” is a mantra the team lives by. The company prides itself on resolving issues swiftly and being available for customers even during weekends and outside traditional business hours. Understanding that many clients, like the founder himself, work on their websites during weekends, ensures they’re not left stranded until Monday to resolve a problem. 

This dedication, coupled with competitive pricing, which they’ve kept the same since 2016, leads to customer accolades like, “We are very happy with the services of We migrated from another company which raised their prices. Now we pay half the price and have more than 2 times better support.”

Not surprisingly, has a high customer satisfaction score with an average rate of 4.9/5.0 and is rated as the best web hosting company in 2023 by an independent comparison website based on customer reviews.

Looking ahead: technology and sustainability is not resting on its laurels. The future looks bright with plans to harness artificial intelligence to enhance customer service further without losing the personal touch. This vision includes exploring AI to enhance the customer experience without compromising on their principles. Marijn and his team are navigating the challenges and opportunities of this technology thoughtfully. wants to bridge the gap between the online and the physical world, recognizing the responsibility our industry has to drive progress in the ‘IRL’ community. aims to be the greenest hosting provider in the Netherlands. The company’s commitment extends beyond zero-carbon hosting. It actively contributes to the community through initiatives like the WeForest project. In 2023, partnered with WeForest to plant more than 6,000 trees.

Challenges and humility

Despite the successes,’s founder, Marijn, remains humble, acknowledging the challenges that lie ahead. Keeping the customer at the forefront of every decision, Marijn is dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation to serve’s growing customer base better.

Conclusion’s story is more than just a business success; it’s a testament to the power of putting customers first and the potential for businesses to contribute positively to the world. As continues to grow and evolve, its founding principles of quality service, transparency, and community contribution remain steadfast. Watch this space, as is not just changing the web hosting game; it’s setting a new standard for how businesses should operate in the digital age.

Find out more about’s services and ethos on their website and blog.

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