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The latest good news about our Memberships model

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Updates to Openprovider MembershipWe have recently updated several features of our Membership model and we are excited to share them with you.

Increased number of SSL certificates: Each and every Membership plan now includes 12 more SSL certificates. In addition, we have reduced their cost! Do remember there will be new increases in site security requirements coming up in July. Therefore, we encourage you to plan ahead and enjoy our new prices to buy certificates now. We also have removed the quantity limits, so now you can buy an infinite amount of SSL!

Spam filters are unlimited for all Membership plans: No more limits! With this update for all Membership plans, you can get any amount of spam filters without worrying about going over your limit. On top of that, we have reduced prices for volume customers. Before, the cost for spam filters over your Membership plan’s limit was €1.49, but now and with no limits, all filters are at €0.99!

Plesk licenses are unlimited for all Membership plans: You can now buy Plesk licenses in any volumes – no more limits apply. Why? Because we simply heard you said that would be great… So we did it! No restrictions, no limits.

Please check out our new prices and feel free to give us your feedback about these Membership updates. We want to continue improving every day and get the best deals to help your business grow!

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