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Esmero: hosting heroes, taming the hosting Wild West

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Henri Udding - Esmero

As part of our anniversary, we are honoring the customers who have been growing alongside us over the years! This month, meet Henri Udding, founder of Esmero, who has been with us for 20 years!

Teen Titan to tech trailblazer

Henri’s journey into the hosting industry began at just 15 years old. Even at such a young age, he was acutely aware of the exorbitant prices and subpar customer support that seemed to plague the industry. Despite these significant challenges, the company he founded was experiencing rapid growth. By the time he turned 18, however, he faced a pivotal decision: to sell his company and concentrate on his academic pursuits.

From classroom to C-Suite

After completing his education, he joined a Dutch internet provider, where part of the business was dedicated to web hosting services. Once again, he encountered a startling lack of innovation. However, after a few years of gaining valuable experience, an exciting opportunity presented itself. He had the chance to take over the web hosting division along with a partner. They decided to strike out on their own and Esmero was born.

Rewriting the hosting playbook

Right from the start, Esmero’s mission was crystal clear: prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. With competitive pricing and support that was almost available round-the-clock, they set out to shake up the industry. Surprisingly, within weeks, their dedication to making customers happy catapulted their reputation to new heights.

The strategy was straightforward yet impactful – focused on providing quality hosting services at affordable prices. Esmero’s unwavering commitment to customer support truly set them apart from the competition. No matter the time of day or night, their team was ready to address any questions or concerns, ensuring their hosting experience was plain sailing.

Innovate or stagnate: staying ahead of the tech curve

But it wasn’t just about meeting expectations; they were dead set on surpassing them. Innovation was at the heart of everything they did. Always on the lookout for new technologies and approaches to improve their services, they stay one step ahead in an industry that never stands still – from always using state-of-the-art hardware to opting for energy-saving servers.

Building trust, one happy customer at a time

As a result of these efforts, word of their dedication to excellence spread rapidly. Clients appreciated the reliability of their hosting solutions and the personal touch they provided. Each interaction was an opportunity to build trust and establish long-lasting relationships.

Beware the hosting cowboys

A critical lesson from their industry’s history relates to the pitfalls of what some refer to as “hosting cowboys” — providers who dramatically raise prices (sometimes by up to 800%) and offer dismal support. This practice has been a significant misstep, reflecting poorly on the industry’s reputation. Unfortunately, this issue persists – the industry still has much to learn from past mistakes. 

As an entrepreneur who centers his customers in everything he does, Henri is choosing a different approach. During the past 15 years, the average prices of Esmero only went up by 5%, and some of their prices have even decreased. This is a testament to the values of transparency and fairness that are at the heart of Henri’s business.

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