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David Matas: from COBOL programmer to IT sensei

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A tech insider’s journey 

David Matas is a singular and highly respected figure in the technology and domain industry, representing a unique blend of innovation, independence, and deep-rooted industry wisdom. His journey, spanning over two decades, illustrates not only the evolution of internet technologies but also his personal growth from a collaborator to a sought-after industry expert.

Early beginnings: from biker to geek

David’s professional trajectory began in an era when the internet was still in its infancy. He humorously recalls launching one of the first websites in Spain related to motorcycles—a project now seen as rudimentary but groundbreaking at the time. His early ventures into technology set a solid foundation for his future endeavors, characterized by a drive to innovate independently. But the real progress in David’s career is marked by his transition from programming in Cobol and C languages to delivering complete internet and IT solutions. His career evolution mirrors the rapid advancements in technology, from basic web pages to anything attached to a keyboard.

Going solo: David’s strategic shift to bespoke tech

One of the defining moments of David’s career was his decision to work independently. This shift was not just a professional choice but a significant strategic pivot. David placed himself at the forefront of bespoke technology solutions, catering to nuanced client needs that larger corporations often overlook. His deep involvement in every project allows him to provide personalized services, distinguishing his offerings in a market dominated by mass-produced solutions.

The evolution from coder to IT sensei  

Despite his focus on independent operations, David has not shied away from strategic collaborations. His career evolution began in 1990, working for a third-party company programming in Cobol, before moving on to programming in a Windows environment. His journey included co-founding companies focused on internet and software services for golf clubs, highlighting his knack for identifying niche markets.

David co-founded MC Networks, a commercial endeavor started with a colleague to establish a brand presence. However, recognizing the power of personal branding, he later pivoted to using his surname, ‘Matas,’ to represent his business dealings, especially when collaborating with non-profit entities. This move to personalize his professional identity underlines his philosophy of trust and personal connection with clients. His career has also seen periods of working independently, under the MCNetworks brand, before relaunching his efforts with the Matas Informatica brand, leaving us to wonder – what does he have left to conquer?

Adapting to industry challenges

David Matas’s career is marked by his ability to adapt to the ever-changing technology landscape. His commentary on the industry’s evolution—from the redundancy of old search engines to the challenges posed by security negligence—highlights his critical understanding of technology’s trajectory. He emphasizes that security is a must for everybody, advocating for protection with firewalls and the use of internet proxy servers to filter content, including web and mail servers. He cautions against the industry’s quick-paced advancements without adequate security measures, emphasizing that technological evolution should not compromise data integrity.

The human element in technology

At the core of David’s success is his belief in the irreplaceable value of the human element in technology. Unlike companies that rely heavily on automated processes, David’s approach is hands-on, dealing with complex issues that require intuition and experience.

This human-centric approach has not only endeared him to clients but has also carved out a niche for him as a problem solver in scenarios where traditional methods fail.

Looking forward: education and security

As David contemplates retirement, his focus has shifted toward the systemic issues within the industry, particularly the lack of comprehensive technology education and security awareness. He advocates for a better-informed public and a more secure digital environment, stressing the importance of evolving educational curriculums to include basic tech literacy for all, reflecting a holistic view of technology’s role in society.


David Matas’s journey through the domain and technology industry is a testament to the power of personal integrity, professional autonomy, and a deep understanding of client needs. His story is not just about technological achievements but also about influencing the industry toward a more personalized, secure, and informed future. As he steps back from his day-to-day involvements, his legacy continues to inspire those who believe in the value of combining human insight with technological prowess in the digital age.

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