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Comodo CA has changed its name to Sectigo

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comodo ca changes name to sectigo

From November 1st, Comodo CA will be called Sectigo. This name change will not only affect Comodo CA’s company name, but also brand and product names. To ensure a smooth transition, the coming year ‘Sectigo, formerly known as Comodo CA’, will be used.

Why this change?

Last year, Francisco Partners acquired Comodo’s certificate division, Comodo CA. Comodo continues as Comodo Cyber Security. To avoid confusion in the market, Comodo CA has changed its company name to Sectigo and launched it as a new brand.

What will change?

The company and brand name will change from Comodo CA to Sectigo. This also applies to the product names. Comodo SSL becomes Sectigo SSL. For instance, a Comodo PositiveSSL certificate will be a Sectigo PositiveSSL. The trust logos will change too. However, the root certificates and their browser support won’t change. The product portfolio and the pricing will also remain the same.

What’s the impact?

Website visitors

There will be no changes for visitors of websites that use legacy Comodo SSL certificates. Comodo will still show up as the Certificate Authority in browsers until the rebranding is complete in November of 2019.

SSL Certificate owners

For Comodo certificate owners, the impact will be small. All Comodo certificates will continue to work and stay trusted by browsers and applications. The root structure doesn’t change, so no adjustments or new installations are needed. The Trust logo does need to be replaced by Sectigo Trust Seal (Secured by Sectigo).

Anyone using Comodo CA branding.

If you are using Comodo CA branding, you will need to update your product names and trust logos. For this, please refer to the Sectigo Brand Guide.

What will change in the Openprovider API?

Very soon, we will update the brand name and the certificate names in our RCP, our SSL Panel and on the website. The brand name name returned for the API methods searchProductSslCertRequest, retrieveProductSslCertRequest, retrieveOrderSslCertRequest will also change to Sectigo. We will announce the release of future additional changes.

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