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Changing company data not allowed anymore with Comodo

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Comodo logoFrom now on, Comodo has prohibited the changing of company data in a Comodo certificate after issuance.

What has been changed?

Comodo Certificates with Organisation or Extended validation contain company data. This data includes information such as a company name, address, and tax number. Customers have to specify this information when they order a certificate. Comodo then checks this data before they issue the certificate, in line with strict guidelines.

Until recently, you could alter the company data in a certificate during its validity period by ordering a reissue. From now on, this will not be possible anymore. You can no longer change company data both in CSR and in the owner contact. If you attempt to perform a reissue of the Comodo OV/EV certificate with different company data, you will see an error. This error message will read “Company data cannot be changed during the reissue”.

Limiting these options will reduce the chance for errors on Comodo’s side. It should also result in a faster issuance process, as well as enhanced safety on the CA side.

What should I do if I need to change company data?

In case you submitted wrong company data, you may cancel the certificate at no cost within 30 days after issuance. You can then order a new certificate with the correct company data. It is also still possible to add extra domains to a multi-domain certificate during a reissue.

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