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TMCH selects us as back-end registrar for TREx

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As we recently informed you, the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) has released a new trademark protection service called TREx. We believe that this is a great new service, because it covers many different registries. This wide coverage is a big advantage over similar services which protect names within one registry only.

However, TMCH experienced some challenges in regards to the implementation of this service. Some registries allow “reservation” of domain names, but other registries prefer special domain registrations.

We are very proud that TMCH has selected Openprovider as the sole back-end registrar for TREx in those registries. We consider it once again a proof that our new gTLD strategy and brand promise (offering all extensions at a fair price) are the right way to go.

On a final note, it may be good to know that TMCH shares no company details, jurisdiction, trademark information and other sensitive data with registries or Openprovider. They only share the labels to block.

More about TREx

TREx is a complimentary service to the already existing protected marks list service of registry Donuts (DPML). TREx is available exclusively for TMCH agents like Openprovider. Both services offer protection of the trademark name by blocking it in a number of extensions, rather than registering. This means that no one else can register the protected domain name. Of course, a trademark holder can always override this block and register the domain for active use.

The big advantage of TREx is simplicity and price. Through one order and at a much lower fee than regular registrations, TREx blocks the trademark name in a wide range of extensions.

The first release of TREx supports 40 different new gTLDs. You can find more information about TREx in this post.

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