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SIDN introduces new .nl logo for resellers

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The number of SIDN (.nl) registrars decreases year after year. That means an increase of the number of companies that register their .nl domains through a reseller like Openprovider. SIDN is one of the most progressive registrars with respect to acknowledging the existence of resellers. If you want, your reseller name can be shown in the whois and in the e-mail messages that SIDN sends to domain holders.

One of the most frequent questions asked by resellers that want to migrate their SIDN account to Openprovider, is how they can show on their website, to their customers, that they carry the .nl domain in their portfolio. After all, they cannot use the “SIDN registrar” logo anymore after the migration!

SIDN has responded to this by designing a new logo: “.nl by SIDN”. Resellers can include this logo on their website to show that they register .nl domains. Another goal of SIDN is to highlight the .nl extension.

The logo is available for download for resellers on SIDN’s website. SIDN prefers the full color version, but other versions are available as well.

Save time and money with .nl consolidation

Did the feeling that you cannot show a .nl logo keep you from consolidating your .nl domains to Openprovider? Or did you just not yet think about the amount of time and money you can save by consolidation your SIDN portfolio in your Openprovider account? Then contact your account manager. A consolidation is nothing more than signing a document! We can also assist resellers that currently buy their .nl domains through another registrar.

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