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7 reasons to register a .info domain name

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register your .info domain name

Are you thinking of creating an informational or educational website to share your knowledge and expertise with the world? Whether it’s a blog, a website for a non-profit, or a personal website about a topic you are passionate about, a .info domain name is always a good choice! 

A versatile and affordable option, .info is a great domain name for those who are looking to share information and ideas with their audience online. On top of that, a .info domain extension makes your website stand out from a sea of .com’s and .org’s.

Not convinced yet? Here are seven reasons why you should consider registering a .info domain:

  1. Easily recognizable. .info stands for “information”, which makes it a suitable choice for all kinds of websites with an educational or informational purpose. Using this extension immediately shows your audience that your website is an informational one.
  2. Trusted by millions. Millions of individuals and organizations around the world have already registered .info domains, making it a popular and globally suitable choice. In fact, it’s actually the sixth most registered TLD in the world!
  3. Large choice of available domain names. Compared to over 200 million .com domain names, there are only just over 9 million registered .info domains on the Internet – meaning that there are still plenty of available choices!
  4. Short and memorable. Internet users worldwide prefer short domain names, as they are catchy and more memorable. Using a short domain name, of which there are plenty still available with .info, makes it easy for your audience to remember and find your website online.
  5. Safe and reliable. .info domain names are as SEO-friendly as websites that use .com or .net. Although .info is a lesser-known domain extension, it is not strongly associated with spam or other malicious content.
  6. Open registrations. .info registrations are open to everyone. You can register any domain name of your choice, as long as it has not been registered by someone else.
  7. Affordable and accessible. Starting at a cost of just $3.95 for the first year, registering a .info domain is an affordable option for anyone. 

In conclusion, a .info domain is a great option for anyone looking to share their knowledge with the world. With a large choice of short, catchy domain names still available, a .info domain could well be the right choice for your next project!

Are you looking to register your own .info domain? At Openprovider, prices for a one-year registration already start at $3.95 for Openprovider Members and $4.95 for non-Members. Register yours today!

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