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Price reductions .si, .cam, .corsica and .makeup

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price reductions on .si, .cam, .corsica and .makeup domainsAt Openprovider, we have a lot of price changes to announce this month. As we are now officially accredited with the Slovenian registry, we are able to give our Members a great price reduction on .si domains. The registries of .cam, .corsica and .makeup have also announced price reductions.

Last month, we have released our own accreditation for the Slovenian registry Arnes (.si). This means that from now on, we will manage .si domains without an intermediate party. Our Members will automatically benefit from a price reduction on .si domains that is a result of our direct accreditation. The price for new registrations and renewals is €11.20. Transfers remain free of charge.

Besides this, the .cam registry has also decided to lower its prices. Besides, they will add a permanent further price reduction onto the first year of each new registration. We have forwarded those price reductions to our Members. The Member price for the first year of a new registration is now $7.18. The price for subsequent renewals and transfers is $14.18.

The French island of Corsica will reduce its standard price for .corsica domains on the 1st of January 2018. The new Member price for registration, transfer and renewal will be €15.15. Furthermore, the registry has relaxed its registration requirements. As from the 1st of January 2018, trademark holders that have no presence in Corsica may also register their corresponding .corsica domain name. Last but not least, the registry will no longer require content in the Corsican language, but they will keep it as a recommendation.

.makeup has greatly reduced its price for domain renewals and transfers. The new Member price now is $200.18. The differentiation between “old” and “new” domains has been cancelled. The price for new registrations is unchanged at $5,000.18.

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