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Price increases .ng, .whoswho and .在线

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.whoswho, .ng and .在线 domain extensionsSeveral registries have announced price increases. The price increases concern the domain extensions of .whoswho, .ng and .在线. Below, you can find an overview of the changes:

  • With immediate effect, the .whoswho domain registry has issued a price increase and cancelled its ongoing promotional price. They have changed the new standard price to $75.18. Non-Member prices range from $87 to $101. Also with immediate effect, the restore fee for a .whoswho domain has been reduced to $0. If you restore a domain name, only the normal renewal fees will be charged.
  • We corrected the price for .ng as our system was displaying a wrong price. The new prices now range from €91 to €105 for new registrations and renewals, and from €118 to €132 for transfers. For the associated second level domains (, and the prices will remain unchanged.
  • TLD Registry Ltd has announced a price increase for their Chinese extension .在线 (.xn--3ds443g / “Dot Chinese Online”). This change will take effect on the 15th of March 2019. The new Member price will become $200.18. The new non-Member prices will range from $212 to $226. Please remember that you can renew your domains for a period up to 10 years at the current price until the 15th of March 2019. This will save you almost $200 per domain year!

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