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Price increase .ph

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dotPH is the registry for .ph domainsOn a short notice, dotPH has announced that they will increase their price for the .ph domain with USD 67,00. This price change will be effective from 1st of February 2018 on. We will forward this price increase to all of our Member and non-Member prices.

This price increase applies to .ph,, and If you register, transwer or renew your .ph domain before the 1st of February, you will be charged at the current price. You can register or renew this domain for a period up to 10 years.

Internet usage is growing fast in the Philippines, with internet penetration currently standing at 67.0%. That means that 73 million people, out of a total population of 110 million, are currently using the Internet in the country. The number of social media profiles in the country is even higher, standing at 89 million. These numbers increase by millions each year – meaning that there are lots of opportunities for domain resellers out there.

Fast-growing internet participation means that there are likely going to be many people looking to register a .ph domain in the coming years. Be early to the game and start offering .ph domains today. And if you are fast, you can still enjoy the lower prices too!

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