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Price increase .cat and .bb domains

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At Openprovider, we are effecting a price increase for the .cat and .bb domain extensions.

Effective immediately, the .bb (Barbados) extension and its second level domains, and have increased in price. All non-Member prices will increase with €20.00. These prices will be reflected in our RCP.

Effective from the 1st of March 2019, the price of new .cat (Catalonia) registrations will increase with €1.00 as well. We will forward this price increase to all Openprovider customers. The new Member price of the first year of a new registration becomes €6.15. The non-Member price of the first year of a new registration ranges from €9.99 to €14.00.

The reason for this .cat price increase is the replacement of a long-running promotion by a new promotion, which has a slightly higher price. The price for renewals and transfers will not change.

.cat is a new geographic TLD for the Spanish region of Catalonia. Besides the .cat extension, you can also find .eus (for the Basque Country or Euskadi) and .gal (for Galicia) domains within Spain. Aside from its geographical meaning, .cat is also a fun choice for a business that has to do with cats!

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